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Words To Avoid During Your Sales Presentation

Needless to say, It’s essential that sales professionals are comfortable in their roles, but when comfort turns into complacency language barriers can start to appear.

In sales training what to say to customers and how to say it is covered extensively. These keystone skills are the backbone of any sales career and every good salesperson knows that they need to be constantly sharpened in order to remain effective.

Communication is the sales expert’s main tool. In negotiations a good communicator can make the difference between a non-sale and hearing the words “sold”. When following that age-old advice “ABC – Always Be Closing”, the only way this is possible is by being able to freely and naturally talk to clients and customers.


Misery Loves Company?

Jeff Shore - sales trainer and authorThe thing about both positive and negative energy is that both are competing forces. Whichever one is stronger will win.

Over the years, I’ve encountered sales professionals who fear being TOO positive with their customers. They don’t want to be labeled as a Pollyanna or as someone who is not truly listening to valid concerns from buyers.

One of my colleagues summed up this fear well when she brought up the idea that “misery loves company” and wondered if perhaps she should sometimes join a client in their less than positive state of mind as a way of connecting with them. Here is my complicated answer to that:

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Sales Tips: How to Get More Referrals

Referrals are the lifeblood of many sales ventures. Sales professionals of all stripes rely on referrals to generate constant leads for future work. Many sales tips for gaining referrals rely on superficial techniques or those that die out over time. However, some enduring sales tips can help professionals gain more referrals and make the most of those they receive. These tips can give a savvy sales professional an edge in the modern marketplace.

Teach Your Customers How To Be Your Best Referral Sources…


4 Essential Questions To Outsmart Your Sales Competition

What if you were at risk of losing your best customer?

It’s time to get your thinking cap out again. I’m here to stretch you out of your comfort zone so you can see things in new ways. Today we’re going to look at your very best customer – the one you love working with and who contributes a fair share to your income. Got it?

Good, because now I want you to put yourself in your competitor’s shoes. You want this account really badly. And you know who’s currently got the business.

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Sales Tips – Examples of Sales Pitch Styles That Prospects Don’t Like

Answering the question “What do you do?” seems like it would be easy, but it’s more difficult than you think – especially if you haven’t put much thought into how you would respond. Here’s one common sales pitch example that will send prospects running for the hills.

The Rambler Sales Pitch

Much as I dearly love most Ramblers, they do drive me (and most everyone else) crazy. As you can imagine, Ramblers babble on-and-on, seemingly unaware of their effect on prospective buyers. Based on my observations, there are two types of Ramblers.

1. Floundering-For-My-Niche Ramblers

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Sales Training: Unconventional Ways to Think about Sales and Improve Returns

When your sales team hits a slump, a shift in your sales strategy can be just the thing to reinvigorate clients and team members. By looking at sales in an unconventional way, you can incorporate new, innovative ideas that boost profits and engage salespeople.

Many sales professionals use the same sales strategy year after year. According to a recent Reuters story, recent data suggests that the US economy has a lack of momentum, which often impacts sales. In a tough economic environment, traditional strategies often stop working, due to changing customer interests and financial restrictions. Many customers are more cautious, which leads them to buy less and ask more questions.


Sales Tips: Does Customer Satisfaction Guarantee Referrals?

Imagine that you’ve provided a great product with great service and have built a positive relationship with your customers. Does customer satisfaction guarantee that they will refer business to you?

No! It is the foundation but you have to ASK for referrals in order to consistently GET referrals.

Every sales professional should excel at asking for and getting referrals but this is rarely the case. Often people tend to avoid asking for referrals altogether because it feels awkward or they don’t know who to ask.

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Lessons in Selling – The Land Of The Salesman

America was discovered by a salesman. Columbus was looking for India, missed it by 12,000 miles and still went home reporting he had “found it,” so he obviously wasn’t a navigator. But was he really a salesman? Consider this: He had only one prospect to call on, and if he had missed the sale, he would have had to swim home. That’s selling!

History records that unusual methods of financing were involved in raising the money for the trip. Not only that, but when Isabella protested that she did not have any money, he persuaded her to hock her jewelry to finance the trip. Another thing many people don’t realize is that Columbus left Spain with five ships and two of them did go over the side (yes, my tongue is firmly planted in my cheek)!

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