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I appreciate your interest in submitting articles to appear on -- please keep in mind that only articles and essays which deal directly with some aspect of sales skills training, selling, sales tips, sales techniques and related advice that would be of interest to those interested in developing their sales skills will be featured here.

I also want to mention that while I would love to review any sales related articles you would like to send only the highest quality articles will be included. You must also be the author of the particular article (or work in some direct capacity with the author) you send if you would like it reviewed.

Because of the number of articles that are sent in for review I'm not able to reply individually each time they are accepted. After you've submitted your article for review the best way to see if it has been included is to check the site regularly. I look forward to reviewing any sales training related articles you would like to send.

Directions for submitting your articles:

1. send a message to: articlesubmit [@] (remove the [ and ] to contact me)

2. use the subject line "sales training article for review" (without the quotes)

3. Whenever possible include the entire article as a regular email to the address above (or send as regular .txt)

4. include your author's resource box/bio. at the end of each article. This should include any contact information as well (i.e. web address, email, etc.) -- preferably 25 to 35 words in length maximum.

5. We prefer original articles, which have not appeared anywhere else (i.e. we want to be the first to share it with our community). Be sure to let us know if your post has appeared anywhere before, or not.

If you have any further questions feel free to let me know at the address provided above.

-- Yours in successful selling, Josh Hinds

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