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5 Tips for Bringing Your A Game to Every Sales Meeting

In the high-stakes nature of sales, first impressions are everything. And nothing feels — or looks — worse than slipping up when it matters most.

I recently attended a meeting that went terribly wrong, and this hard truth sank in. The sales team had sent executives at the prospective company 10 iPads preloaded with the sales presentation in hopes of wowing them at the meeting and gaining an edge on the competition.

June 25, 2015   2 Comments

Lessons in Selling – The Land Of The Salesman

America was discovered by a salesman. Columbus was looking for India, missed it by 12,000 miles and still went home reporting he had “found it,” so he obviously wasn’t a navigator. But was he really a salesman? Consider this: He had only one prospect to call on, and if he had missed the sale, he would have had to swim home. That’s selling!

History records that unusual methods of financing were involved in raising the money for the trip. Not only that, but when Isabella protested that she did not have any money, he persuaded her to hock her jewelry to finance the trip. Another thing many people don’t realize is that Columbus left Spain with five ships and two of them did go over the side (yes, my tongue is firmly planted in my cheek)!

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Sales Tips: Seriously, Shut up (a.k.a. Why Your New Sales Aren’t Happening) By Donna Saul

In my 20+ years of helping businesses grow, I can count on one hand the number of times a company’s success did not come down to sales, regardless of the reason the owner initially called me. In the end, it’s always about sales.

And time and again I’ve watched as sales reps and business owners, seasoned and not, fail to make the sale (or lose it) because of this mistake — they don’t know when to shut up, say thank you, and walk away with the deal. It may sound amusing but it’s not. This mistake costs time and money, and doesn’t help a company grow.

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Sales Tip: Identifying and Solving Customer Problems Better

Customer Relationship Management is not just about selling products to customers. It is also about keeping them happy and satisfied with their purchase. This involves giving them a forum to express their problems and then dealing with these problems in an effective manner to their satisfaction. Here’s how to simplify the process of problem solving for customers.

Identify the problem correctly

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Sales Tips: Avoid hearing “NO” – How to ask key questions By Steve Richard

On the meeting scheduling team, we believe in the power of doing research before speaking with a targeted prospect. We read media articles, we ask probing questions to members of the executive’s team, and we review industry databases and LinkedIn profiles to gain an understanding to whom the best person to speak with will be. The amount of preparation we do before speaking to a prospect is one of the reasons why our team is so successful. The 3×3 research—three important talking points—is used to establish credibility with executives, probe into specific responsibilities and projects, and often allows us to identify needs.

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Quick Tips for Increasing Sales By Mark Hunter

What salesperson out there doesn’t want some quick tips to increase their sales and their sales motivation. Consider these:

1. Use the first 10 minutes after coming back from lunch to make prospecting calls.

2.Contact all of the customers who have purchased from you in the past, but for some reason you no longer hear from or you haven’t called in a long time.

3.Ensure you contact every customer at least twice as often as they normally buy. For example, if a customer normally places an order every two months, make sure you’re talking to them at least every month.

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The Top 3 Reasons Why Clients Don’t Buy By Michael W. McLaughlin

Handling a sales opportunity calls for juggling many skills at once: You have to forge a relationship with the client, work out the client’s issue, conjure up a solution, draft a proposal, and sell the project.

With everything you must do to navigate a client’s decision-making process, it may seem like a mysterious journey to convert a prospective buyer into a paying client. But some things about the process are knowable, including why clients who know they need what you have to offer might not buy from you.

It’s always helpful to keep in mind the three things that will derail any sales process.

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Three Things You Must Do Before Putting Pedal to the Metal and Accelerating Your Sales By Colleen Francis

Having a well-oiled sales team and a great product ready to launch can fill your head with a lot of tempting plans. Just like finding a shiny roadster waiting in your garage on a sunny day and that wide open road beckoning, the urge can be irresistible to turn the key, hit the accelerator and see just how fast that thing can go.

Don’t start your engine quite yet. There’s an important checklist you need to pay attention to first.

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