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The true cost of ignoring clients

Solidify Your Client Base

I have worked with dozens of companies over the past several years and have been surprised at how many concentrate more on client acquisition than they do on client retention. Sales managers often make the mistake of focusing their team on acquiring new accounts (cold calling) rather than nurturing their existing accounts.

While cold calling (new business development, client acquisition, prospecting) certainly has its place, giving it paramount importance over growing your current client base may not be prudent over the long haul.

February 22, 2017   1 Comment

How to Maximize the Power of a Sales Call

Dave Kahle - sales trainerNo matter how clever the marketing program, how creative the advertising, or how friendly the customer service reps, if you mishandle the sales call, everything else is a waste.

The sales call is the most critical point in your sales and marketing system and the ultimate test of your marketing program — It’s the point where all your work comes together and you either succeed or fail.

Mishandle the sales call and you may lose a customer for years. Handle it correctly and you’ll take the first step toward a lifetime relationship.

June 22, 2015   1 Comment

Sales appointments are a lot like golf: Don’t let that last shank affect your next swing!

Robert Luckadoo - sales trainerI recently spent a day on the golf course with my son-in-law. He and our daughter were visiting from North Carolina, and the sun was bright and the temperatures mild for a midwinter day in southern Mississippi. It was the first time I’d picked up a golf club since late October, so I knew I’d have to scrape a little rust off my game.

February 26, 2015   1 Comment

7 Critical Questions for Future Sales Success

If you are a sales manager who wants to continue to develop your team and grow your business, there are questions you should be asking yourself.

They are simple questions but have far-reaching implications for how well you are preparing your sales force for the ever-increasing competition for the products / services you sell.

Value selling training experts suggest you take the quiz below to measure your sales success potential:

1. Do you make it easy for your customers to buy? Check to see that your sales process does not present barriers that make it confusing or complicated for your clients.

April 11, 2014   3 Comments

Sales Tips: Which of Your Accounts Deserves to be Key?

To save my fingers from early onset of arthritis, let’s shorten the term from Key Account Management to KAM. I understand that it doesn’t sound great, but I need my fingers to blog with.

I often get asked to deliver Key Account Management training at Salestrong, and having done so for a number of organisations, I notice that companies have vastly different views on what KAM is. Some simply call their larger accounts, “Key Accounts”, whilst others have a well defined KAM program.

April 4, 2014   1 Comment

Stop Being Scattered and Start Selling

Did you know that top sales performers spend between 75% and 95% of their time on high-payoff or ‘worth-it’ actions? Low performers spend between 25% and 40% of their time on ‘worth-it’ actions, and don’t even notice that they are wasting their time.

They think they’re working hard, but produce little at the end of the day. If you are working hard but not selling much, there could be simple tweaks you can make to your system that could double your volume within three months.

March 18, 2014   No Comments

4 Steps to Irresistible Sales Calls

Sales calls – be it follow up or cold calling – are essentially all a process of winning the customer over. This is where the divide starts between the effective sales professionals and the not so effective talents within the team.

In order for everyone to maximize their efforts and really bring a new form of revenue into the business the whole team needs to be focused, they also have to be clued up to as what will give them the helping hand that they need to really win over those customers.

March 15, 2014   No Comments

Words To Avoid During Your Sales Presentation

Needless to say, It’s essential that sales professionals are comfortable in their roles, but when comfort turns into complacency language barriers can start to appear.

In sales training what to say to customers and how to say it is covered extensively. These keystone skills are the backbone of any sales career and every good salesperson knows that they need to be constantly sharpened in order to remain effective.

Communication is the sales expert’s main tool. In negotiations a good communicator can make the difference between a non-sale and hearing the words “sold”. When following that age-old advice “ABC – Always Be Closing”, the only way this is possible is by being able to freely and naturally talk to clients and customers.

February 10, 2014   2 Comments