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How to be Successful in Cold Calling By Steve Richard

Let’s be honest: Cold Calling is hard. When making 100+ calls a day, it is easy to become discouraged and burnt out, especially when some jerk takes his frustration out on you. It is especially fun when this jerk decides he is going to, “Teach you a lesson” to never call him again. When this happens, I encourage you to be as professional as possible and quickly get off the phone. This call is going nowhere. For the short term, be sure to not call him within the next 3 months. After that, he probably will have forgotten his rant ever took place.

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Attraction Selling – Do You Want To Attract, Or Continue Chasing Buyers? By Bob Urichuck

In business, and in the sales profession, you make your living from buyers. Are you effectively attracting buyers, or are you chasing after them?

In order to survive in this new economy of buyers, you need to stop chasing buyers and start attracting them. You need to stop selling them and start engaging them. You need to stop closing them and start empowering them to buy.

Buyers are everywhere. What are you doing to attract, engage and empower them to buy, from you?

August 11, 2012   1 Comment

Driving Lessons for Sales Prospectors By Kendra Lee

sales expert Kendra LeeHave you noticed while driving lately how many people don’t look both ways before pulling out of a parking spot, into the street, or making a right turn on red? Maybe I’m more aware of this because it’s teenage permit season again and we have two teen drivers! But it really isn’t the teenagers that you have to watch out for anymore – it’s the experienced drivers!

It seems like these drivers are in such a hurry that they aren’t paying attention. They just want to go-go-go and get to their destination faster, narrowly missing a collision with the other drivers around them. These speed demons are just avoiding accidents.

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25 Ways to Build Your Prospecting List By C.J. Hayden

Sometimes you have to prospect. While it’s true that networking, referrals, and other relationship-oriented marketing strategies are superior ways to build a professional services business in the long run, the problem can lie in that word “long.” It takes time to build a network and generate referrals. If you’re new in business or your pipeline has dried up, you may not feel as if you can wait for those budding relationships to mature.

July 30, 2012   2 Comments

Sales Tips: Asking for Referrals By Bill McCormick

Asking for a referral works best if you specify the type of person that you hope to be referred to, AND you match your request to fit the person you are asking. Three examples:

1. If I’m speaking to a Sales Manager at a large company: “Can you think of 2 or 3 other sales managers in your firm that might also benefit from Negotiation Skills training for their sales team?”

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Selling Tips: You’re the Missing Link in Your Sales Success

Make a direct connection with your referral network. It makes all the difference.

When salespeople receive a referral, their close rate exceeds 50 percent (clients tell me typically 70 percent or higher). Leads from other, less-direct sources have a 1 to 3 percent close rate.

“Personal” Pushes Sales to Success…

The definition of a referral is a personal introduction. The introduction can be by phone, email, or in person. If you just get a name, you are making a cold call. Yes, a cold call. You interrupt the person, they don’t expect your call, and they might not even believe that the person you mentioned actually referred you.

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Starving for Leads By Kendra Lee

sales expert Kendra LeeEd emailed me this week in lead generation desperation. His company is starving for leads and new clients. While they’ve been in business for five years, they haven’t built a significant database they can rely on for prospecting. Funds are tight and they need leads now, but he isn’t sure where to start to generate a pipeline of high quality leads.

This dilemma is one I hear frequently from our clients and friends. You get so busy closing business and servicing your customers that sales prospecting procrastination strikes. Somehow you forget to prospect. There’s always something else to do – until the pipeline dries up and panic strikes.

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Sales Tips: Never Ask a Prospect These Questions By Andrew Sobel

You finally got the meeting you sought with a top executive at a prospective client. You prepare well for the session, researching the company and the individual you’re meeting with. After the small talk dies down, you ask your “killer” question:

“I’d like to get a better understanding of your issues. So, what keeps you up at night?”

Terrible question. Awful. Clichéd. One of my clients, the CIO of a large bank, told me that he kicks people out of his office when they pull out that question.

December 19, 2011   1 Comment