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Sales Tips: Price Negotiating – Provide a Great Solution for the Main Objection By Stu Schlackman

Have you ever had a client say, “your price is too high”? All sales professionals have heard this much more often than they’d like. Why? Because in the absence of a clear value proposition, all your prospect can see is the price.

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Sales Negotiation Strategy: How Assumptions Work Against Us and For Us Too By Jim Camp

In negotiations, assumptions as just as dangerous as uncontrolled emotions and positive or negative expectations. Assumptions can work against us because most of us come to believe that we’re pretty good at reading other people, at understanding what they’re really feeling and thinking. But they can also work for us if we can get the other party making assumptions about us.

How Assumptions Hurt Our Advantage

Negotiators, in particular, tend to pride themselves on their people skills. Often, before a negotiation, we hear someone make an assumption such as:

“I know what they’ll do if we make that offer.”

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Selling Tips: When to Provide Pricing – and When Not To By Landy Chase

When a sales lead comes to you regarding your company’s products and services, it’s natural to look at such an event as good news – and in many cases, it is.

Too often, however, the reality is that a number of these inquiries – especially those that begin by saying “I need for you to give me a price on _____” – may not be what they appear to be. In fact, in quite a few cases, they may be nothing more than a waste of your time.

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Selling Strategies: The 10 Commandments of Negotiations By Daniel Adams

Dan Adams sales trainer and authorImagine for a moment that you are preparing for a heated final negotiation to secure a very important deal for your company. What will you do if your customer asks you to: “lower your price by X dollars in return for the deal?”

Should you bring in your manager to assist? What will prevent your customer taking your negotiated offer and sitting on it forever? Or worse, what if your customer allows the expiration date of the offer to expire but still requires the negotiated deal? The following 10 commandments of negotiations will help you close the sale and still give your customer all that they are looking for.

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Negotiation Checklist to Ensure a Successful Outcome By Mark Hunter

1. Never negotiate with anyone who is not qualified to negotiate. If in doubt, ask your contact how they’ve handled a similar type of negotiating in the past. Listen for names, dates and other details that will provide clues as to their level of responsibility.

2. Never put things into writing unless you’re prepared to live with them. Once an item is put into writing, it becomes an anchor either for you or the customer. This is especially critical when negotiating with a professional buyer who will use anything put into writing as leverage.

May 26, 2010   3 Comments

Negotiating and the Three Ts: Trust, Time and Tactics By Mark Hunter

Successful negotiating requires you have a strategy. The clearer your strategy before negotiating, the more successful you will be.

At the core of the strategy is what I refer to as the “3 Ts of Negotiating: Trust, Time, and Tactics.”

Trust – The more trust you and the other party have in each other, the less need there will be to negotiate. The risk is in knowing whether the trust is real or perceived.

* Trust only comes through time and the quality of interactions you have had with the customer.

April 30, 2010   2 Comments

Managing the Sales Negotiation Process By Michael Schatzki

How many times have you heard:

* “You’ve got to drop your price by 10% or we will have no choice but to go with your competition.”

* “You will have to make an exception to your policy if you want our business.”

* “I know that you have good quality and service, but so do your competitors. What we need to focus on here is your pricing.”

* “I agree that those special services you keep bringing up would be nice, but we simply don’t have the funds to purchase them. Could you include them at no additional cost?

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Characteristics of Great Sales Negotiators by Kelley Robertson

Virtually everyone in sales is required to negotiate. After conducting hundreds of workshops and working with thousands of people during the last decade, I have discovered that most sales people are not as effective at negotiating as they could be.

However, I do come across great sales negotiators from time-to-time and have noticed that they typically have a few things in common. Here are the characteristics they usually possess.

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