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What is the Culture of Your Sales Team? By Stu Schlackman

Several years ago I worked for a company that had an incredible work culture. Everyone enjoyed working together and every time a sale came in we rang a bell that hung proudly near our vice president’s office. Now that was fun! Imagine coming to work every day looking forward to the opportunities that might come your way or to your colleagues.

A couple years later I was working for a company that had the opposite culture. Everyone was protective of the opportunities they had; in fact, the company was actually looking for ways to reject potential business that came in the door. Crazy, you may say! So, guess which company survived! The second company was bought out.

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Sales Management Tip: The Power of the Pen By Steven Rosen

Coaching is the most important skill to effectively develop top sales performers. What I have found is that many sales managers have never learned how to be effective coaches. There is little or no training on coaching and senior sales leaders fail to role model and reinforce effective coaching.

* How many times do you have an agreement in a business review to do a specific activity and realize that a few months later that it didn’t happen?
* How many times does your sales rep agree to work on a specific skill only to find out that there has been little or no change in that skill?

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Sales Management: Coach Your Sales Team to Top Performance By Steven Rosen

Most first line sales managers manage between 6 and 12 sales reps. They are the ones responsible for bringing in the sales numbers in their district or area. Sales managers are constantly adjusting priorities depending on their urgency and work extremely hard in this new economy.

Top 10 sales manager activities:

– Meeting, tele conferences and phone calls.
– Business analysis and planning.
– Travel.
– Emails and follow ups
– Administration.
– Special projects.
– Rep coaching.
– Hiring.
– Managing performance.
– Thinking.

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Be the Best Sales Manager with Six Easy Steps By David Lynch

Managing sales people is never going to be an easy task because they are notoriously autonomous in their ways. They often act as if they don’t need to be taught anything about the business of selling. However, anybody can be managed if the manager is highly capable and experienced.

Here are six ways to be a better sales manager:

1. Keep to Your Word

There’s nothing worse than a sales manager who promises to get a new bonus in place and then nothing happens. This is demotivating for the sales team and even worse it damages the manager’s own credibility. Next time he or she makes a promise, who is going to believe?

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The Failure of Procrastination By Drew Stevens

There is a large storm brewing in many sales organizations unknowing to both sales managers and their bosses. Simply put sales accountability is lacking. The problem results in less production, missing sales goals and more importantly less business.

The rationale for the issue is that between a busy world, too much intense competition and the power of customer influences, sales managers have little time, patience and focus to attend to it. However, dismissing the issue only brings additional stress. The board of directors, CEO and other senior offices disdain procrastination they need results now!

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Sales Motivation Tips: Use a Contest to Increase Sales By John Boe

When times are tough and prospects seem to be holding on to every dollar, your job as a sales manager is more important than ever before. Now is the time to roll out a sales contest to generate additional sales and build morale.

Offering a contest to your sales team is a smart business decision on many levels. Contests, by their very nature, infuse a competitive spirit within the sales force and provide an excellent opportunity for management to recognize and reward top achievement. In addition, a contest encourages your sales reps to achieve new levels of personal production, taps into peer pressure and generates a positive synergism within the organization.

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