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The 4 Obstacles to Closing Sales By Brian Tracy

Did you know that there are 4 common obstacles that salespeople face when closing sales? There are several other reasons why the end game of selling is stressful and difficult, but here are a few that are most common.

Fear of Failure…

There are several other reasons why the end game of selling is stressful and difficult. First and foremost is the fear of failure experienced by the prospect. Because of negative buying experiences in the past, over which you could have no control, prospects are conditioned to be suspicious, skeptical and wary of salespeople and sales approaches. They may like to buy, but they don’t like to be sold. They are afraid of making a mistake. They are afraid of paying too much and finding it for sale cheaper somewhere else.

December 29, 2011   7 Comments

Selling Strategies: Objections are Buying Signals By Robert Terson

My father loved to talk about the subtleties of selling.  As a child I looked up to him as a selling god and hungered to soak up his wisdom; I still was listening attentively at 66 when he died. 

It was like Michael Corleone having the Don as his consigliere.  He sold insurance, sewing machines, garbage disposals, cookware, wigs and other hair goods, and advertising.  He was a warhorse and expert on the intricacies of selling.

August 22, 2011   1 Comment

Sales Tip: How To Close More Proposals in Less Time By Colleen Francis

“Never let the final proposal be the first proposal they see.” This is advice that I have given many times in sales training sessions to salespeople in organizations both large and small, and I’m often asked to explain in more detail what I mean by that. I’m pleased to do so in this article, because what I have to say in that point is absolutely vital for salespeople who want to improve hitting and surpassing their sales targets.

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Taking Control of Every Sales Relationship so You are Closing on Every Conversation! By Colleen Francis

It has often been said that among the many musical talents of renowned jazz trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie was his skill for blending harmony with the unexpected. He himself summed it up best by saying: “It’s taken me all my life to learn what not to play.”

Dizzy knew it was never enough to just give an audience what they thought they wanted. He recognized, as is the case with most professionals, that there needs to a discipline to what you do.

People tend to be motivated and moved best when you take the lead, with the occasional surprise thrown in for good measure.

December 29, 2010   2 Comments

The Business Productivity Close By Tom Hopins

Upgrades, changes, and new services create interest for nearly any business client. If the new product or service is seen as a ‘plus’ by the staff, they’ll be enthused and energized because of it.

Since keeping people motivated is one of the primary challenges of management, this close can hit on a decision-maker’s hot button that has little to do with the actual product or service itself. It has worked many times to “knock ’em off the fence” when hesitating about a decision.

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The Gaining vs Losing Close By Tom Hopkins

You will encounter clients who are more afraid of not having the benefits of your product than they are excited about having them. It’s important that you learn to recognize the difference early in your presentation.

An example would be if you offer manufacturing equipment that will put the client on the leading edge of the industry and ahead of their next closest competitor. There’s a certain amount of fear about the competition closing in and possibly taking over their position in the market. That fear may be the biggest motivator they have when considering the decision and it’s something you should address.

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