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4 Steps to Irresistible Sales Calls

Sales calls – be it follow up or cold calling – are essentially all a process of winning the customer over. This is where the divide starts between the effective sales professionals and the not so effective talents within the team.

In order for everyone to maximize their efforts and really bring a new form of revenue into the business the whole team needs to be focused, they also have to be clued up to as what will give them the helping hand that they need to really win over those customers.

#1 – Do You Believe? – One of the key resistances that many sales people go through, at times subconsciously too is the aspect of lack of belief in what they have to offer. If they can’t see value or don’t believe in it then they are unluckily to be filled with the enthusiasm needed to sell anything!

For a sales manager they should be listening out to queries or worries that people may have regarding value. For the sales team they should be voicing their opinion and suggesting work arounds, if they don’t they’ll begin to inadvertently suffer with their sale efforts.

#2 – Leaving Messages – To this day few sales professionals appreciate the value of leaving a voice mail. Many of your cold calls will end up being left to ring out, rather than considering this customer to be a no-go think of the opportunity to leave a voice mail message.

Something along the lines of “Hey John, It’s Marius from Company X, just wanted to check in to see if 3 pm today is OK with you?” – Natural curiosity will kick in and you may receive a call back. 

voice-mail message is a great tool for creating a connection instantly to then move forward with the cycle.

#3 – Follow Up – You’ve made an initial call, no reply. Not a problem get an email sent over to them and use various app’s to track if the email was indeed opened or not. If you’ve initially done your research and are sure that the customer falls into your ideal client checklist you’ve got no reason to have a fear of rejection.

A follow up call after an email is a sign of gratitude, even if it’s a “thanks for taking the time to check out the email”. If they are they not interested then ask them why, become a researcher that want’s to better their approach.

#4 – Listen To You – Make a habit of recording and listening to your sales calls, study and learn your key downfalls and positive traits. Professional sports stars and their coaches do this for hours on a daily basis, what makes you different?

Thriving and growing within the sales world isn’t about focusing on where you done good, but focusing on the problem areas, areas that can be improved on and instantly increase your sales success rates by 10, 20, 30% simply because you took the time to test new approaches and learn from them.

The sales call is a key area of selling, it’s not going anywhere and it really hasn’t changed over the decades either. The only area that doesn’t change is the person that conducts these sales calls, learn to create and leave irresistible sales calls and chances are you’ll see an increase in your sales efforts.
Marius Fermi is the Director of Online Communications at Tactical Sales Training. Tasked with increasing the brands awareness online, growing business and helping businesses understand our sales training offers.