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Sales Tips: How to Get More Referrals

Referrals are the lifeblood of many sales ventures. Sales professionals of all stripes rely on referrals to generate constant leads for future work. Many sales tips for gaining referrals rely on superficial techniques or those that die out over time. However, some enduring sales tips can help professionals gain more referrals and make the most of those they receive. These tips can give a savvy sales professional an edge in the modern marketplace.

Teach Your Customers How To Be Your Best Referral Sources…

Sales professionals should always strive to make it as easy as possible for satisfied clients to provide referrals. Simple methods of accomplishing this include handing out business cards with accurate and easy-to-use contact information. Taking this a step further can help a professional deepen relationships with existing customers.

Many customers who are satisfied with your service—especially those who enjoy repeat business with your company—may not know the best ways to provide you with referrals. Taking the time to train your best customers in how to provide effective referrals can make them lead-generating engines due to their already excellent relationship with your company.

Use sales tips to let your customers know which methods tend to have the best effect on your sales and how they can drive business to you.

Your Customers Aren’t Mind Readers. Ask For The Referral…

You can also get more sales referrals by making sure that you always ask for them and letting your customers know that you are open to receiving referrals. These sales tips may seem obvious, but it is easy to get caught up in the art of the sale and forget to solicit feedback and referrals. Make sure that you set aside a specific time in your sales process for asking for referrals.

Simple questions regarding whether or not they have friends and contacts who could also benefit from your products can lead to excellent opportunities for referrals. Choosing the right timing can also add to your success. Wait until products have arrived to contact purchasers and solicit feedback and sales referrals.

Show Appreciation To Those Who Send You Referrals…

Don’t forget to thank customers for referrals and reciprocate when appropriate. Getting and making referrals is one of the five pillars of mobile marketing, which allow you to leverage technology for your benefit. Always let customers know that you appreciate their referrals and contact them if a lead mentions their name or business. Making referrals yourself can help you gain even more for your business. This type of reciprocal agreement does not need to be formal; simply make sure to mention those companies and vendors you have had the best working relationship with to others. Don’t be surprised if the best ones call to thank you for the additional business, which can also give you a chance to pass these sales tips along to further add value to your relationship.

You can solicit and use referrals in many different ways. Remember to focus on quality when you seek referrals from other customers or vendors. Keep these sales tips in mind to help your company generate more business from word-of-mouth and online references to your company.
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