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Sales Training: Unconventional Ways to Think about Sales and Improve Returns

When your sales team hits a slump, a shift in your sales strategy can be just the thing to reinvigorate clients and team members. By looking at sales in an unconventional way, you can incorporate new, innovative ideas that boost profits and engage salespeople.

Many sales professionals use the same sales strategy year after year. According to a recent Reuters story, recent data suggests that the US economy has a lack of momentum, which often impacts sales. In a tough economic environment, traditional strategies often stop working, due to changing customer interests and financial restrictions. Many customers are more cautious, which leads them to buy less and ask more questions.

When it comes to sales, many people offer exactly what the customer pays for and nothing more. Instead of nickel-and-diming, take the opposite sales strategy: go above and beyond to provide additional value to existing customers. Add personal service, call clients to make sure they’re happy, offer training at no cost, or provide something customers can’t achieve on their own. Work to speed up deliveries, perhaps, or increase reliability. By offering something clients need but don’t expect, you’ll instantly have an edge on the competition. When times are tough, clients will more likely stick with you than switch to another company. Happy customers are also more likely to refer you to colleagues, which can increase sales.

In a slow sales period, it can be tempting to take any potential customer who comes your way. As a result, your time is taken up by poorly qualified leads, and you have less time to spend finding the best customers. To shake up your sales strategy, go against conventional wisdom and put potential customers through a more rigorous qualification process. In doing so, you’ll find people who need exactly what you’re offering, so you won’t need to waste time on senseless requests.

When sales are slow, many companies go on the defensive. Instead of taking action, they simply try to weather the slow period. A better sales strategy is to take a proactive approach. Instead of waiting out the storm, find ways to reduce lead times and improve the delivery process. Tighten the ordering process. Improve your online sales system.

Eliminate strategies and processes that are not working. At the end of the slow period, your company will be better prepared to offer top-notch service, which can increase sales and pay off in the long run.

By approaching sales in an unconventional way, you can strengthen your business in a tough economy. A new sales strategy can give the sales staff more energy and bring in new, highly qualified customers who will help your company endure over time.

* What are some ways you go about adding value, above and beyond what your customers expect?
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