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Sales Strategies: No Girlfriends

A relative once owned a dairy farm in Michigan and related this story to me. The dairy farm was prosperous and they milked upwards of 150 cows a day. The whole farm was as updated and modern as the technology then would allow.

One Sunday, the family and guests of about 15 people sat down to a wonderful dinner of T-bone steaks fresh from the grill. In asking how the farmer could afford T-bones for 15 people, the farmer replied matter-of-factly, “Well, when a cow stops giving milk, she’s gone. We can’t afford to keep girlfriends – every one in the barn has to produce.“ His statement certainly gave more significance to the T-bones the family was enjoying.

It isn’t any different in sales.

Looking at sales from a company’s perspective is really the same philosophy. The farmer’s in business to produce milk, make a profit and provide for his family. A business (small, medium or large) is the same: the sales people are depended upon to do their part and produce so the company makes money to provide for its employees. If the sales people aren’t as focused as they need to be to bring in the sales, well, there can’t be any girlfriends (in this context) at the company.

Every salesperson – and really every employee in a company – needs to bring their A game every day. People being people, we all tend to lose sight of that fact sometimes among the office politics, hallway conversations, distractions and interruptions from home.

Your company – whether it’s in the Fortune 100 or you are your own boss – is depending on you to sell. Saying it another way, approach each day and work as if it’s your personal money you are spending rather than your company’s money. Treat your job as if you were an independent entrepreneur and total profitability was up to you alone. It really is up to you.

If you’re not giving 100 percent every day to your efforts by avoiding those cold calls, making excuses rather than sales or shirking networking opportunities, then you put your company at risk and you could be the next “girlfriend” to be cut.

Resolve today to buckle down, put in an honest 100 percent effort and see what happens. Then do it again tomorrow and the next day. Give it a month and see what changes you can make.

Avoid distractions and getting caught up in idle conversations (apart from being civil and friendly), office politics and focus on your work.

Don’t wake up one day to find that you’re the one who has been cut from the herd.
Mike Krause is a best-selling author, consultant and strategist delivering measurable results with his clients using Fortune 500 strategies, tactics and tools. His latest book is, Smart Prospecting That Works Every Time!: Win More Clients with Fewer Cold Calls (McGraw Hill). In addition to his thriving consulting work, Krause is an in-demand speaker, receiving numerous awards for his acclaimed training programs. Please visit www.MDKrause.com

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