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Sales Tip: Identifying and Solving Customer Problems Better

Customer Relationship Management is not just about selling products to customers. It is also about keeping them happy and satisfied with their purchase. This involves giving them a forum to express their problems and then dealing with these problems in an effective manner to their satisfaction. Here’s how to simplify the process of problem solving for customers.

Identify the problem correctly

Very often the customer service representative adds to the frustration of the customer by not being able to identify the problem correctly. The customer may not have the technical words to describe the problem in terms that the customer service professional may understand, but the customer service personnel must be trained in making sense of the lay man’s terms that the customer is likely to use when describing the problem that is bothering him. It is only when the problem is understood that the optimal solution can be offered.

Use a step by step questionnaire

To aid the speedy identification of the problem you may like to provide the customer service professionals with a step by step questionnaire that will eliminate miscommunication and help trace the problem fast. At the same time it must be remembered that not every problem will fit neatly into a slot hole made for it on the questionnaire and the customer care professional should be able to use his own comprehension and common sense to isolate the problem. Don’t take the guideline as absolute dictate! There is always room for a new problem to creep into the work place.

Offer different solution options

Another common mistake that customer service professionals make when trying to solve customer problems is to latch onto one possible solution and offer that to the customer. There is always more than one solution to any problem that the customer may have. It is possible that they have one solution in their head, while your company may have more than one possible solutions to the problem identified.

It is necessary that the customer is made to understand that he has a multiple number of options to solve his present problem. The customer service professional needs to have the patience to go through all the solutions offered to the customer in detail so that the customer is able to make an informed decision. It will allow the customer to pick the solution that best suits his needs.

Do the physical follow up of the needful based on the option chosen by the customer

Once the customer had decided on the solution for his problem it is up to the customer care professional to see that he delivers what has been promised by the company. The physical follow up of replacement or repairs that the customer may need should be carried out promptly and without delay. After the problem has been solved the customer must again be contacted to check if the solution met with his approval. This ensures that the customer’s satisfaction level remains high and is well documented by the company as well.
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