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How to be Successful in Cold Calling By Steve Richard

Let’s be honest: Cold Calling is hard. When making 100+ calls a day, it is easy to become discouraged and burnt out, especially when some jerk takes his frustration out on you. It is especially fun when this jerk decides he is going to, “Teach you a lesson” to never call him again. When this happens, I encourage you to be as professional as possible and quickly get off the phone. This call is going nowhere. For the short term, be sure to not call him within the next 3 months. After that, he probably will have forgotten his rant ever took place.

What this jerk doesn’t understand is that you are a professional. Your dedication and service is needed. You create opportunities and open doors that were otherwise closed. You represent progression. Your product/service serves a niche in the marketplace. What you are selling might not be a perfect fit for him but it will be an extremely useful tool for other teams and help them gain an advantage over their competition. Keep this in mind.

Particularly as a business development associate, I’ve found that it is easy to become distracted or discouraged when speaking to these types of people. No matter your role in the sales cycle, it is extremely helpful to make small, achievable goals when trying to stay focused. This can include:

* A daily number of calls and emails you would like to make
* Pledging to have a certain number of conversations before lunch time
* Making it personal. One member of my team has divided her time into the number of calls, conversations, and “touches” she needs to hit her goal every week.

The wildly successful Mark Cuban believes everyone would benefit from spending a couple of years in sales. While I argue that everyone doesn’t have the tough attitude necessary to be a success at cold calling, I do think that there is one good benefit. The skills developed when using the phone to generate leads, makes you appreciate your “wins” much more after speaking to a couple of the jerks.

Happy calling!
Professional sales trainer and coach Steve Richard is Co-Founder and Head Sales Trainer at Vorsight, a leading sales training firm based in Arlington, Virginia. Vorsight focuses on the first half of the sales cycle, providing tactical approaches that help B2B sales teams generate more opportunities and “get in the door.” Learn more at www.vorsight.com.