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Clever Sales Questions By Bill McCormick

The Best Salespeople Distinguish Themselves by Asking Clever Questions!

Quite simply, the best salespeople ask better questions than average sellers do. This month’s blog will focus on clever questions that successful salespeople ask. In total, these questions can help sales professionals to do the following things:

• To identify all the decision makers and influencers
• To explore for a potential sales opportunity with a customer who is satisfied with their current provider/supplier
• To gauge the urgency of the customer’s desire to take action
• To assess which product or service is most appropriate for a particular customer
• To surface any unexpressed objections

Clever Questions
“Who else is involved in this decision?”
“If you could change one thing about your current situation, what would it be?”
“What have you already done about resolving this problem or issue?”
“Which of these three product lines (or services) would work out best for you?”
“What if we do the following…?”
Bill McCormick, President of Sales Training And Results, Inc. (STAR), a firm specializing in customized sales and management training, consulting and coaching services. Bill has 20 years of experience in consulting with senior managers and coaching sales executives and professionals. Bill and the STAR training staff specialize in the design and instruction of customized sales and management workshops. Visit www.SalesTrainingAndResults.com for more information.