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Attraction Selling – Do You Want To Attract, Or Continue Chasing Buyers? By Bob Urichuck

In business, and in the sales profession, you make your living from buyers. Are you effectively attracting buyers, or are you chasing after them?

In order to survive in this new economy of buyers, you need to stop chasing buyers and start attracting them. You need to stop selling them and start engaging them. You need to stop closing them and start empowering them to buy.

Buyers are everywhere. What are you doing to attract, engage and empower them to buy, from you?

To accomplish this you will need to become buyer focused. In other words it is no longer about you, your product or your business. It is about the buyer, the relationship you create with them and their needs and desires, not yours.

Start with creating a personal marketing program – one built by you for you to position you as an expert in the market place, so that buyers come looking for you by name.

One of the greatest opportunities we have in sales, and in business, is to develop our reputation and to build a network. Some people are paid to do just that.

With or without a sale, each and every day you are building, or destroying, your reputation and your network. The key is to build a reputation that will attract buyers through your own personal marketing activities.

People buy from people, particularly people they like, trust and give value . A personal marketing program will separate you from everyone else. You can position yourself as the leader in the field with the most credibility and respect, if you are willing to go the extra mile. The extra mile is simply giving more of your expertise in a manner that is valued by buyers

But first take the time to define your market; Who are they, what do they look like, where are they located, what are their problems, their needs and desires?

Describe your ideal buyer – Profile them. What are their likes and dislikes? How can you be exposed to them as an expert? How do you meet them? How do you start and maintain a relationship?

Consider this – How do your buyers perceive you? How would you like them to perceive you? What are you doing about it?

Remember, buyers need to buy you first, and then they will buy your products or services. People buy whatever you have to sell because of who you are.

How do you need to position yourself to your buyers to attract them?

As an expert in your field!

There are some simple and obvious ways to position yourself for success in your personal marketing program. For example, you can identify the associations that your buyers get involved in. You can become a member and network with it’s members. Better yet, you too can get actively involved in a leadership or executive role within that association.

I have even gone as far as being a founding president of an association chapter. Every member, and buyer got to know me, and when my services were needed, who do you think they sought out and bought from?

Still better, speak at an association meeting giving the members tips on how to save, or make money, increase performance, reduce costs, etc., or whatever benefits the buyer based on your knowledge of the industry you work in.

This is not a sales pitch, not about you, your products or services, or your company. It is about the audience – the buyer and giving them something of value, so that you are positioned as an expert in your industry.

Think of it this way. It may take you 30 minutes to sell one on one, and you end up chasing after the buyer.

Presenting something that buyers value to an audience of say 50 people takes the same 30 minutes. However, at least 10-20% of that audience will end up chasing you for your products and services, providing you did not sell them, but gave them educational value.

Where will you get a better return on your time – one of one, or one of 50?

In addition, consider writing a newsletter, articles or tip sheets for local newspapers or magazines on a regular basis and share your expertise.

I do all of these on a regular basis. I have articles that have been published worldwide with my photo and contact information. I have positioned myself as an expert in my field and have not gone looking for buyers for the past ten years. They look for me.

The more articles that I write, the more I speak, the more I expose myself to the right buyers, the more buyers I attract and the more they buy, from me.

Think of what would happen to your reputation, and your sales, if you publicly shared your inside industry knowledge to benefit buyers in a passionate and sincere way.

The objective behind your personal marketing plan is to position yourself as an expert in your field. You will become known, recognized and sought after, while being supported by a large network, or secondary sales force, referring you through word of mouth. You will never have to chase a buyer again.

So, what will be your first action step to becoming a recognized expert in your field, to the buyers you desire?
Bob Urichuck is an International Professional Speaker, Trainer and founder of the “Buyer Focused” Velocity Selling System and the Author of two best selling books “Up Your Bottom Line” and “Disciplined for Life: You are the Author of Your Future.” You can visit him at www.BobU.com