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Quick Tips for Increasing Sales By Mark Hunter

What salesperson out there doesn’t want some quick tips to increase their sales and their sales motivation. Consider these:

1. Use the first 10 minutes after coming back from lunch to make prospecting calls.

2.Contact all of the customers who have purchased from you in the past, but for some reason you no longer hear from or you haven’t called in a long time.

3.Ensure you contact every customer at least twice as often as they normally buy. For example, if a customer normally places an order every two months, make sure you’re talking to them at least every month.

4. Ask every customer you have who else they know who could benefit from what you sell.

5. Before quitting work every day, make one more phone call.

6. For people who are hard to reach, vary the time of day and the day of week you attempt to reach them.

7. Make the best calls of the day by 8:00 a.m. to reach people before they get too busy.

8. Have a reason for every call. Provide the customer a piece of information or follow up on a question to show how much you want to help them.

9. Refer your customers to others who might benefit from doing business with them.

10.Unless a prospect has been willing to provide you with some information or has done something for you, they’re only a cold prospect. Don’t let them take your time.

11.In addition to the telephone, use email and mail as additional ways to stay in touch with customers.

12.When you conclude a phone call with a customer, always suggestive sell one more specific item or service.

13. In addition to confirming orders via fax or email, verify them with a phone call and use it as a way to get one more item added to the order.

14. With every fax or email, be sure to include one more piece of information regarding another item/service the customer would benefit from buying.

15. Send the customer a hand-written note at least once every other purchase to thank them and and to further develop the relationship.
Mark Hunter, “The Sales Hunter”, is a sales expert who speaks to thousands each year on how to increase their sales profitability. For more information, visit him at TheSalesHunter.com.