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I’m Not Good at Sales! By Lisa Jimenez

So I met with Kristin, one of my coaching clients who just started building a home based business. In the middle of our strategy meeting I notice she was getting fidgety.

“Are you okay Kristin?” I asked. “Ya, I’m fine,” she responded.

We continued going through her prospect list when she bursts out with, “I don’t think I can do this Lisa. I’m not good at sales!”

I smiled to myself as I shouted, “Yes! Now we can create a breakthrough and get some results!”

You see, when you ignore a fear you actually give it more power. The fear gets lodged in your subconscious and continues to mess with you. But when you “call it out” you’ve created the access for a breakthrough. You now have an opportunity to deal with it.

What about you? What’s the fear you are ignoring or trying to use positive thinking to make go away. Maybe it’s a fear in your business or fear in your personal relationships?

When you can identify the fear and call it out, you actually give yourself power to move to the next step of your breakthrough which is to shift your relationship to it.

So I responded to my client Kristin, “What is selling to you?” That’s when the floodgates of limiting beliefs burst open. Kristin began telling me about the negative situations where she felt coerced and intimidated.

“I hear ya,” I said and then added, “Now, tell me about the Realtor who sold you your home; the waiter who told you about the dinner specials last night; the clerk who helped you pick out those amazing shoes; your kids when they want an ice-cream; me when I told you about our Coaching Program; your sponsor who told you about this great business opportunity you’re so excited about.”

She started to laugh and said, “Oh, I get it…” I interrupted her and insisted, “I’m serious. I really want you to tell me about those times. It will help you shift
your relationship to sales.”

I looked her straight in the eye and said, “It’s not fear that’s holding you back, Kristin. It’s the relationship you have to selling and being a sales person that is holding you back.”

For the next 15 minutes Kristin shared one heart-felt story after another about the amazing people in her life who TOOK A STAND for what they were selling and casted a vision of what was possible if SHE CHOSE to say yes to it…

The operative words here are “Take A Stand” and “Space to Choose”.

When you shift your relationship to selling, you will break through to a whole new level of results!

You shift your relationship to selling by conditioning your subconscious mind with the TRUTH that selling is taking a stand for someone and giving them the respect to choose for themselves.

When you BELIEVE in your product or service, you will share it with others… When you TAKE A STAND for others and what’s possible for them, you will invite them to take a look and see what’s possible for them…

When you HONOR THEIR SPACE TO CHOOSE, you will ask for their decision and celebrate whatever they choose.

As Kristin and I finished up our coaching, she looked up from her prospect list and, after a long pause said, “What a privilege it is to be in sales!”
Lisa Jimenez, M.Ed., has helped thousands of top salespeople shatter their self-limiting beliefs and finally get the breakthrough success they want. When it comes to personal productivity and creating unstoppable momentum — there is no one better for your salespeople than Lisa. She is the author of Conquer Fear! – A unique blend of psychology and theology to change your beliefs and thus your results.

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