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Moving From Rejection to Motivation By Andrea Waltz

Let’s start with a little quiz. When it comes to rejection, are you the type of seller that…

A. Suffers through it, though unhappily
B. Deals with it well enough
C. Hates it, you’ve about had it
D. Never lets it “get” to you

There are many salespeople who never become comfortable with the rejection and no’s that they must deal with in their sales career. These are our ‘A’ people… the rejection and no’s that they deal with are probably the worst part of what they do. And typically, signs of this are things like call reluctance and low numbers in the “funnel” or pipeline. For our ‘C’ people… it’s enough to get them out of “sales” completely. For others like the ‘B’ people, they are able to view the rejection as just part of the process and move forward despite some bad feelings every now and then. Now, the ‘D’ person – that is a special breed. Somewhere along the line, they developed the mindset and skills to deal with sales rejection and make everyone else crazy with envy!

Now, what if our A, B, and C sellers could learn to do more than “tolerate” or “suffer through” failure and rejection and the no’s? Is it possible to reprogram yourself into more of a ‘D’ person? As far as we’re concerned the answer is, ‘yes.’

The very first thing you must do is to completely change how you view failure and success. We’ve all been taught and trained to operate in a world where yes = success and no = failure. But what if failure was actually the secret to success? Consider the fact that to a large degree, success is a “numbers game.” So, the value in increasing your failure rate is to literally improve your “chances at success.”

For any salesperson, the mere act of increasing the amount of product you show and services you offer increases both the yesses and no’s you will hear. Show more merchandise = more times you’ll hear NO… and the more times you hear NO, the more times you’ll hear YES! It is not only a fool-proof formula, but one of the great undeniable laws of the universe. The same goes for prospecting calls and following up with prospects who have said ‘no’ or ‘not yet’ in the past. Avoiding ‘no’ is not the answer for achieving what you want. Starting today, your strategy will be to hear “No” more often – a concept we call Go for No!

Those ‘D’ sellers we analyzed earlier have no magic power different than everyone else; they simply look at failure and rejection the way it should be viewed. They understand that rejections literally pave the way to closed sales. They understand that failure and success – yes and no – are not opposites; they are opposite sides of the same coin and they simply let the law of averages work for them. You can do the same and starting ‘going for no’ today!
Andrea Waltz is the co-author of “Go for No!“, a short powerful story written specifically for sales professionals in every industry who must learn to harness the power of no to be successful. To learn more, visit www.goforno.com

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