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Why Avoidance of Rejection is actually Sabotaging Your Sales Success by Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz

I refuse to go down the path that you have heard a million times before: “Sales is a numbers game.” Okay I have to go down the path – but just a little!

Because it’s true that the more you get out and tell your story, the greater your chances to sell more. However, there is a deeper more psychological issue under lying all of this.

We all have been taught and trained over the years to do everything within our power to avoid failure, rejection, and having people say ‘no’ to us. We have been trained to operate in a world where ‘yes’ is the only acceptable answer and ‘no’ is well… not yes, that is for sure.

In this so called ‘go for yes’ world three very critical mistakes happen and they completely sabotage what’s possible for you.

First, you operate in such a way that you only look for people who you think will say yes. So for example, you might have a list of ten prospects or customers to call on.

And because you just looking for ‘yes’ you automatically decide that half of the people on that list are not worth contacting. “They’ll just tell me no, you think. Or, “I tried to reach them one time and they never called me back.”

So, now you’re down to five. Then you figure, of the five that are left, 3 are probably going to turn you down anyway. And so that leaves two people left. These are the two that you are 80% sure will say ‘yes’ to you.

You have completely limited opportunities for yourself operating this way. The two mistakes here: you say ‘no’ for someone else, which does not serve them and you say ‘no’ to yourself which is a tragedy.

Finally, you create an incredibly difficult and stressful world when you only ‘go for yes.’ Since we have come to believe that if ‘no’ is bad and we get a ‘no’ then, by extension, we must be bad too. We may believe that we have completely failed, and that we are ‘failures.’ And no one wants to feel like a failure – it’s depressing and it’s stressful.

You must create a new mindset about what failing is all about. And you know what? It is NOT getting no’s! People that get no’s (and a lot of them) are usually the most successful people in the business. Believing that you are a failure just because you got a no is one of the single greatest roadblocks to your success and your momentum. Success and failure are not opposites – they are simply opposite sides of the same coin. So the next time you get a no, remember you are not a failure, you are successfully finding people who are not ready yet. That is not failing at all.
Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz are the authors of “Go for No!” a short powerful story written specifically for sales professionals in every industry who must learn to harness the power of ‘no’ to be successful. They are also the creators of a personal development DVD Movie, “Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There!” (It’s ‘The Secret’ but for rejection!) To learn more, visit www.goforno.com.

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