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The Six P’s to Sales Performance By Bryan Flanagan

Sales Performance is achieved by implementing certain strategies, procedures, and techniques.

In a client-focused approach to selling (i.e., a relationship selling environment) we believe there are certain elements that contribute to your sales success. Listed below is an overview of these elements.

1. Prospecting — identifying the individuals and organizations that have a need for your products and services.

2. Preparation — gathering information to assist you in contacting the prospect. Remember: preparation compensates for a lack of talent.

3. Process — understanding the prospect’s needs, issues and concerns via a step by step sales process.

4. Product — understanding your product and interpreting the values, advantages, and benefits to your prospect.

5. Presentation — presenting your solution with confidence, competence and comfort.

6. Person — possessing the belief in yourself and understanding your role as a business problem solver.

Obviously, these will vary with your sales environment, industry, and prospect base. Yet, the above mentioned categories are important for most sales success. By mastering these elements, you will attain greater sales achievement.
Bryan Flanagan is a nationally renowned speaker, author and sales trainer. A performance consultant and coach for dozens of corporations, Bryan knows and communicates the techniques that help people become better performers! Visit him at www.FlanaganTraining.com.

-what other key elements, if any do you think are important?