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Sales Prospecting Facts By Bryan Flanagan

You are not always selling, but you are always prospecting.

The definition of prospecting is identifying the organizations and individuals who have a potential need for your products/service/solutions.

Let’s get serious about prospecting.  Let me be candid: we make it more difficult than it is.

Here’s the simplified version of prospecting:

You understand your products and services.  You believe you have something to offer the prospect.  You have a firm conviction your solution is better than what is being used at the present time.  You believe your advantages are valuable to the prospect.  You want to share these advantages with your prospect.

That’s really all that prospecting is. Yet we tend to complicate it.  Don’t complicate it…keep it simple!  It is as simple as this: you believe that you have a solution to a problem and you wan to communicate that solution to a person you’ve never met.

Here are a few facts about prospecting:

• It’s a fact that new sales professionals must build a prospect list.

• New salespeople rarely receive a listing of the best qualified prospect in the company.  Therefore, you must learn to “self-generate” leads.  That is, create the prospect list yourself.

• Most new salespeople don’t enjoy prospecting.  Oh, by the way, most veteran salespeople don’t enjoy it either!  You don’t have to enjoy it, but you do have to do it!

• You must maintain the proper attitude to be effective when prospecting.

• Prospecting is necessary for your success.  It is NOT a necessary evil, but it is a requirement for success.

• You are always prospecting.  You are not always selling, but you are always prospecting.  You should always be proactive in building your prospect list.

• Pressure selling is caused by a lack of prospects.  The more you can add to your list of potential prospects, the less pressure you place on yourself.

• You must develop a system of identifying potential buyers.

• You must develop a process for contacting potential buyers.  In fact, you may have to develop several processes for contacting your prospects.

• Contacts lead to contracts.  Therefore, you must discipline yourself to make contacts with potential clients.  You should network early, late, and consistently.

• You must have the proper attitude to be effective when prospecting.  (Yes, your attitude is so important I included it twice!)

• If you believe your solution will enhance the prospect’s current situation, then you have every right – and responsibility – to share it with him or her.

• You will discover dozens of ways to contact your prospects.  Find the ones that work for you and implement them daily.

Prospecting should be fun and enjoyable.  You have seen your fellow salespeople contact potential customers in some pretty creative ways.  You can do this also.  You just need to use your imagination to prospect, close sales, and help your customers.  Turn on your creative machine today and have fun as you prospect!______________
Bryan Flanagan is a nationally renowned speaker, author and sales trainer. A performance consultant and coach for dozens of corporations, Bryan knows and communicates the techniques that help people become better performers! Visit him at www.FlanaganTraining.com.

-what creative ways have you seen work when contacting potential customers or clients?