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Sales Tips: Conviction Is The Key By Zig Ziglar

The late Mary Crowley frequently commented that one person with a conviction would do more than a hundred who only had an interest.

Commitment is the key to staying the course and completing the project. Conviction always precedes commitment.

When we’re convinced as a salesperson that we are selling a marvelous product, our demeanor, body language, voice inflection, facial expressions – everything – communicate to the prospect that we fervently believe we’re offering something of value.

Many times the prospect will buy not because of their belief in the product, goods or service, but because of the belief of the salesperson.

Our feelings are transferable. Courage can be and frequently is transferred to the other person. Convictions are the same. The teacher who fervently believes in the message he or she delivers will persuade the student by the very depth of that conviction.

One of my favorite Mary Kay Ash quotes is, “Many people have gone a lot farther than they thought they could because someone else thought they could.” In short, their confidence, born of someone else’s conviction, had enabled them to “make it.”

Conviction comes from knowledge and a “feeling” that what we’re teaching, doing, selling, etc., is absolutely right. When we transfer that conviction to those in our sphere of influence, they and society benefit.

Show me a person with deep convictions and I’ll show you a person who’s made a commitment to deliver those convictions to others.

Show me a great leader and I’ll show you a person of deep convictions who is able to attract followers because of those convictions. I’ll also show you a person who is happy in what they’re doing and far more successful than those who do not have those convictions.

Buy that idea; develop those convictions; make that commitment and I’ll See you at the top!
Zig Ziglar is a teacher and motivator on topics such as sales, and customer service. You can visit him at www.zigziglar.com. He is the author of Secrets of Closing The Sale – click for details!.

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