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Velocity Selling System that is as Simple As ABC By Bob Urichuck

If you are not following a sales process, you are probably not in control. Consider this for a unique sales process – a “Buyer Focused” Velocity Selling System that is as simple as ABC.

A. You cannot build anything without a solid foundation and the same applies to the sales process. The A in the ABC of the Velocity Selling System is for Attitude – the foundation of all successful sales people. Without a positive attitude and belief in you, there is no foundation upon which to build a successful organization, or winning products and services or benefit from market growth.

Sales professionals need a sales process to reflect, confirm and take hold of their attitude. A sales process is realizing you have the ability to turn your proletarian attitude into a millionaire’s attitude. A sales process assists in overcoming fear and dealing with rejection. As part of the essential sales process, a millionaire’s attitude will help increase productivity and save time and money.

Sales professionals need a sales process that will reflect an owner’s mentality and will uphold the organization’s mission statement, endorse the products and services and provide clear direction for team members.

Sale professionals need a sales process to reflect, confirm and take hold of their attitude toward the market. A well thought out sales process will reveal how they are perceived while profiling the ideal prospect. A sales process allows a complete understanding of the competition and a compassionate attitude.

B. Sales professionals should have a sales process based upon an optimistic, positive attitude; however, such an attitude is not enough to guarantee long term sales success. You need goals and an action plan to get you where you want to go. The B in the Velocity Selling System is for Behavior – the daily actions required to accomplish goals.

A sales process which includes personal and organizational goals also requires attuned behaviours. A sales process involves market targeting. There is no motivation, no ownership mentality and no drive to go the extra mile if a sales process disregards goals and behaviours.

Sales professionals need a sales process to study the relationship between consistent, positive behaviours and success. The first step is learning this on a personal level. Sales professionals call for a sales process to identify and develop personal goals. They need a sales process to develop an action plan based on the reason they come to work everyday.

Sales professionals also require a sales process to track equivalent procedures, to increase goals, to expand action plans and to acquire behaviors for organizational objectives. A progressive sales process will consistently improve upon time management skills.

Sales professionals could do with a sales process to be familiar with “how to” target their sales efforts through the 80/20 rule. A sales process will implement the ABC target model while obtaining pertinent industry, organizational and client information.

C. Traditional sales training has placed all its efforts on sales techniques. In this ongoing, non traditional sales approach the C in the Velocity Selling System is for Competency – the capability of following a sales results process utilizing appropriate sales competencies to build and maintain long term relationships. There are no meaningful sales results and valuable time is wasted without the implementation of a sales results process and without sales competencies.

The “Buyer Focused” Velocity Selling System is simple. In order to build a long term relationship, one must first establish a strong rapport. Sales professionals need to learn about the relationship selling model, the components of the rapport pie and how to build rapport in the first 30 seconds of meeting.

Following the Velocity Selling System you will know that once rapport has been established, relevant questions can then be asked. Sales professionals must discover why questions are so important, the type of questions that should be asked and how to respond to questions from the prospect or client without giving free consulting.

Sales professionals who follow the Velocity Selling System know the right questions to ask and the importance of listening carefully to the answers. The sales process incorporates learning how to qualify opportunities by setting parameters, uncovering buying motivators, financial capabilities, decision making processes and summarizing prior to making a proposal or presentation. This type of sales process is referred to here as a prescription.

Sales professionals utilize the Velocity Selling System to prescribe solutions specific to the customer’s requirements. This sales process allows the customer to buy, to retain the account, to keep competitors out and to build up the account to its maximum potential.

Once the prospect has purchased the solution, the sales professionals who abide by the Velocity Selling System will know how to maintain the relationship, develop the account for more business and obtain new prospect introductions and referrals.

The time is now to secure the best sales process – The Velocity Selling System – the “”Buyer Focused” sales results process. A process commonly referred to as SUCCESS!
Bob Urichuck is an internationally renowned Velocity Selling Specialist. For the last 15-years he has worked with fortune 500 companies and mid size businesses, To Inspire, Empower and Add Sales Velocity to Their Bottom Line. You can visit him at Visit www.BobU.com.

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