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The Most Profitable Sale Ever Made! By Howard Partridge

In today’s message I want to talk about the most profitable sale ever made.

In any business there is one type of sale that brings the most profit. There is one single sales activity that can make the most difference in the profitability of your company. Not taking advantage of this all important sales opportunity will cost you thousands of dollars.

That sale is called the “upsell” or “add on” sale. The reason this type of sale is so profitable is because you have already invested the cost of acquiring and administering your client.

Therefore, anything that is added to the “ticket” is extremely profitable. The marketing cost, the labor cost, the administration cost (i.e. the – overhead), has already been realized. This makes the add-on sale the most profitable sale you can make.

And the best part is that you can use this technique to put more money in your pocket today!

One of the biggest reasons that more add on sales aren’t made, is the fear of Rejection. You may not even be “aware” of it, but most people experience some level of this fear. We don’t want to appear as a “pushy” salesperson, so we don’t offer the service.

Not Offering Your Client Other Services Is An Injustice To Them!!!

Do you believe in all the services you provide? Will that service or product help that client? If your product or service will improve your client’s life by protecting their investment, help them save money, or improve their quality of life, then wouldn’t it be wrong, not to at least let them know about the product or service?

And here’s the worst part…

If you don’t let your client know you have the product or service they want, your competitor will! Do you want your hard earned client being taken advantage of by an unscrupulous competitor?
Hoard Partridge is a leading speaker, trainer, and coach who helps small businesses around the world dramatically improve their businesses. Visit him at www.HowardPartridge.com.

-Do you have anything you would like to add to this topic? Are you making use of “upselling” or “add-on” sales when dealing with your clients and customers?

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