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Sales Training: Use Positive Imaging to Boost Sales By Mark Bowser

One of the most powerful techniques for reaching your sales goals is known as positive imaging or positive visualization. This is how it works. You visualize your sales goals and dreams in their perfected form as if you have already achieved them. This technique helps bring into your life the actualization of those goals.

Why does positive imaging work? Positive imaging works for three reasons. One, what we focus on most will draw us toward it. In other words, the things we think about most will ultimately influence us to take actions toward those things. Two, our minds can’t distinguish between reality and an imagined reality. Three, it has been proven scientifically that by using positive imaging the same portion of the brain is stimulated as if you were actually participating in that event. This is very powerful. A person can gain valuable experience for an event through positive imaging.

Dr. Norman Vincent Peale has written a tremendous book titled “Positive Imaging.” In this book, he tells a story of a young boy who discovered himself and his potential through positive imaging.

This little boy grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was a very cold winter morning and young Roger was walking down the street. He came upon a huge building which had a large plate glass window facing the street.

Roger peered through the window. He was fascinated at all the activity going on inside this building. This building was the home of that great newspaper The Cincinnati Enquirer.

Just then, a big rough-looking man caught the young boy’s attention. The man was sitting behind a desk in the center of the room. The desk had papers scattered all over it. Papers were even on the floor. They were editorials for the newspaper. The man wore a green visor that was shading his eyes from the bare light bulb hanging above his head. He had an ugly unlit cigar sticking out from between two withered-looking lips. Somehow, Roger knew this man was in charge of what seemed to be chaos going on inside this building.

About that time, a police officer was strolling past Roger. Roger excitedly called out, “Officer, officer! Who is that man in there… the one with the cigar and the visor?”

The officer humored the young boy. “Him? That is the editor of The Cincinnati Enquirer.”

The boy was transfixed by this editor. He watched this man intently for quite a long time. Finally, Roger went on his way. He looked exactly as he did before but somehow he was different. He didn’t notice the cold anymore that had previously been ripping through his tattered hand-me-down clothes. He had a vision going through his mind. The vision was a replica of what he had just seen back in that window but with an important change. It was thirty years in the future and he was the man sitting in the editor’s chair.

That evening, Roger prayed to God to help him reach his dream. He then visualized his dream again. He did this night after night after night combining positive prayer with positive imaging. By doing this with God’s help, Roger released tremendous power and focus into his life. As a result, Roger reached his dream. You see, Roger Ferger not only became the editor of The Cincinnati Enquirer, he became its publisher and owner too.

Positive Imaging is a tremendous exercise of faith that has the mysterious power of helping you reach your sales goals. I cannot think of a situation in life where positive imaging would not help. Try it! I am confident you will become a believer in this exercise as well.

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-Do you ever use visualization or positive imaging to see yourself making a perfect sales or prospecting call? If not, try it! The positive effects you get from doing so might just amaze you.

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