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Selling Skills: Giving 100% By Mark Bowser

There is a wonderful sales lesson in a story I found about Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln once took a sack of grain to a mill whose owner was said to be the laziest man in Illinois. Abe watched the man for a while and then finally commented, “I can eat the grain as fast as you’re grinding it.”

The owner of the mill grunted and said, “Indeed; and how long do you think you could keep that up?”

Abe looked at the man and replied, “Until I starve to death.”

Do you know any sales people who never give it their all? They are always looking for the short cut, the easy way, the fastest way. Well, selling is hard work. The quickest, easiest, fastest way is not always the most productive way. A short cut is not a short cut if you “cut” corners. Give it your best and watch the sales orders come in.

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