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Sales Training: Keeping the Worms Warm By Mark Bowser

You can’t count your chickens before they hatch but you can at least keep the eggs warm. I never count it a sale, until the contract and payment is in my hand. Only then, can I feel confident that the sale has been officially made.

There is a story of two experienced fishermen who decided to go ice fishing. They walked onto the ice and cut two holes in the ice about 25 feet apart. They then each sat at their own hole and dropped in their lines. Nothing happened. Not even a nibble. This lack of success went on for hours.

Around mid-afternoon a young boy arrived. He confidently walked onto the ice and cut himself a hole between the two experienced fishermen. The boy had barely dropped his line in the water when he pulled up a fish. Then he pulled up another one… and another… and another.

The two men were very confused about all of this. Finally, one of the men walked up to the boy and asked, “Young man, we have been here for hours and haven’t even had a nibble. You show up and have success after success. What’s your secret son?”

The boy looked up at the man and said, “Mmmm hmmm yhmm!”

“I didn’t quite make that out son, what did you say?”

The boy repeated, “Mmmm hmmm yhmm!”

With a puzzled look on his face the man said, “I am sorry I can’t understand you. Will you please speak a little more clearly?”

The boy spat a large amount of a brown substance into the palm of his hand and then looked up at the man and said, “You gotta keep your worms warm!”

Just as with eggs and worms, we need to keep our sales warm. We have to service our customers continually if we want to keep them. Many times, we had to continually knock at the same door before that potential customer became a client.

What I am trying to say is that we can’t count our sales success before it happens but we can plan for it, expect it, work for it, and serve for it. The name of the game is servanthood. If you will serve your prospects and clients then you are successful and you will close many, many sales!

I think it was Dr. Robert Schuller who said, “Find a need and fill it.” There are plenty of needs out there. Find them, fill them, and your needs will be filled too. As the Biblical law says, “Give and it shall be given to you.”

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