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Sales – How to Find Your Inner Buried Treasure by Noah St. John

Inside of every sales professional is buried treasure. You have gifts, talents and skills you’ve barely begun to tap. It’s like you’re standing on a gold mine… but the problem is, you’re digging away with a teaspoon.

Many smart, talented salespeople are digging for their hidden treasure with a teaspoon. Yet, if they’d look again, a beautiful new backhoe sits untouched right under their noses.

You can’t get to your inner buried treasure without using the right tool. Ironically, the #1 thing that keeps many salespeople from their own treasure is THEIR OWN HEAD TRASH, which says things like, “I can’t do it… You’ll never make it… I’m not smart enough… You’re not enough.”

If you want to unearth the hidden treasure inside you, try this exercise called “Excavating and Evicting Your Negative Reflection.” Your Negative Reflection is like looking in a funhouse mirror to see what you look like. A funhouse mirror distorts your image and causes your head trash. That’s why the first thing you need to do to get your foot off the brake is to excavate your Negative Reflection – get it out in the open – and then evict it – tell it to take a hike.

Take out a sheet of paper and draw two columns: your Negative Reflection on one side and your Authentic Self on the other. First, write your Negative Reflection. What is your head trash saying to you?

Maybe it’s been telling you, “You can’t do it. I’ll never make it. You’re a phony, and nobody likes you.” (Notice that sometimes your Negative Reflection talks in the first person “I”, and sometimes the second person “you”.) Whatever it’s saying to you, write it down.

Once you’ve done that, get quiet and listen. Listen to Who You Really Are. Now, write a statement from your Authentic Self.

Your Authentic Self is Who You Really Are, not the bully in your head. That Negative Reflection is a bully who’s been living in your head. Your Authentic Self is that still, small voice within that might say, “I am good enough because I bring value into people’s lives, and I enjoy doing that. I CAN succeed at whatever I put the work into, just like everyone else.”

For example, Patricia, one of my Students, wrote:

Negative Reflection
I am not smart enough to be successful. My ADD keeps me from being able to focus, and therefore being able to attain success.

Authentic Self
I am in the top 2% of intelligent people in this world (how many times do I have to be hit in the head to get this?), and if anyone is smart enough to be successful, it’s me. I have proven through previous work that I have the ability to be focused and remain on task for long periods of time.

When you’re done with both columns, answer these questions:

1. Who will I share this information with?
2. When will I share it with them?
3. How will doing that help me gain correct perspective?
4. What are specific examples where the Negative Reflection is WRONG?

You’re going to get rid of your head trash with facts and data. For example, your Negative Reflection might say, “Nobody likes having me around.” But you could realize, “Wait a minute. Plenty of people like me. I just got off the phone with five different people who enjoyed talking to me!” So when that Negative Reflection comes back, obliterate it with the truth.

You simply say to your Negative Reflection, “You’re wrong. That’s a lie.” Combat your head trash with facts and get it out in the open – and that’s when you can start to mine the treasure that’s hidden right inside you.

(c) Copyrighted material courtesy of Harper Collins.
Noah St. John, Ph.D. is Founder and CEO of www.SuccessClinic.com and author of The Secret Code of Success: 7 Hidden Steps to More Wealth and Happiness (Collins). You can learn more about his book at www.SecretCodeBook.com.

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