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Sales Tip – Thoughts on Growing the Relationship with your Prospects and Customers By Josh Hinds

Allow me to share a quick video clip I did where I discuss the importance of building and enhancing the relationship with your prospects, clients, and customers. I also share how a number of sales professionals have been (quite cleverly I might add :-)) using the booklet I authored, ‘Why Perfect Timing is a Myth’ as a gift to build value with their customers as well as those people they want to do business with.

I hope you enjoy it!

Yours in selling success, Josh Hinds

PS. If you’d like to start giving copies of my motivational booklet ‘Why Perfect Timing is a Myth’ as gifts to your customers and prospects, as well as take advantage of the special pricing for multiple orders on them as mentioned in the video give me a call at (678) 389-8842 or send a note to me at jhinds [at] getmotivation.com (be sure to mention in your call that you saw the “special 20 minimum order booklet pricing”).

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