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The Business Productivity Close By Tom Hopins

Upgrades, changes, and new services create interest for nearly any business client. If the new product or service is seen as a ‘plus’ by the staff, they’ll be enthused and energized because of it.

Since keeping people motivated is one of the primary challenges of management, this close can hit on a decision-maker’s hot button that has little to do with the actual product or service itself. It has worked many times to “knock ’em off the fence” when hesitating about a decision.

Phraseology: “Mr. James, what I’m offering is not just a product/service. It’s a boost in employee morale. Haven’t you noticed that anything new increases job interest and excitement? Excitement increases morale, which in turn increases productivity. Let me ask you, Mr. Johnson, what is an increase in productivity worth to you?”

These five sentences take the decision-maker’s focus off the product/service and put it on the results. Try them the next time your decision-maker is hesitant about making a decision you know is truly good for their company!
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