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The Sales Power Curve By Bill Caskey

One Simple Mind Shift and You’re In Control

We seem to live in a ‘control-freak age.’ We all want control–but we don’t want to give up anything to get it.

Well, in the next few paragraphs, I’ll share with you one certain way of gaining control in the sales process. But one caution: You must give up something to get it.

The One Thing…
Here’s the bottom line: I can say, without significant exception, that when you shift your mindset from ATTACHMENT to DETACHMENT, you will own control of your sales process. Let me tell you how it works.

First, let’s start with a slight rewiring of your sales mind: “You should be in control of the sales process.” Not your prospect…not your banker… not your manager. You.

The reason for this is quite simple, but most people miss it: You have the solution your customer needs. And even though they have the money, that should not equate to them having control.

But here’s the problem. If you need the deal WORSE than they need the solution, then you’ve given away all of your control—before it even starts.

Enter: Detachment…
The key to this kingdom is the concept of Detachment. It’s a predisposition (not a sales move) that says, “I’d be OK with this deal or without it. It won’t impact me long term if I don’t get it.”

I recently had one talk show interviewer say it was “heresy” that you could go into a deal “not wanting it.” I had to correct him. “I didn’t say you couldn’t WANT to make the sale. I said you couldn’t be ATTACHED to it–you couldn’t NEED it.”

When you are interested in helping your prospect solve their problem with your solution–and you are DETACHED from the outcome–you have control of the sales process.

Simple But Not Easy…
But this is not the usual way of the world. What usually happens is that we’re all given sales quotas (goals) that we want to accomplish (badly). Our managers keep score by how much we sell. And most everything is built around “us” and “what we want.”

So it’s not surprising that the prospect feels the emotion around your making the sale. And what do they do? They resist (like you do when you’re being sold). They come up with illogical stalls and objections.

The sales process should be full of emotion–but it should be their emotion, not yours.

They should be convincing you why they need to get their problem solved. The instant your emotions take over (your desire to get the deal) then you must put up with their stalls and objections.

The Ultimate Paradox…
So now you’re saying, “Wait a minute Caskey. You said I had to give something up to get control of the process. What’s that?”

You’re Smart…
Here’s the paradox: to get control of the process, you must give up control of the outcome. That’s right. By giving up your attachment to the outcome (them saying ‘yes’), you get what you want.

The bottom line to this is the “vibe” you send out. When you come to the table full of desire and need, you turn people off. Conversely, when you show up in the market, detached, cool, collected, wanting to help (but not needing the sale); you attract people to you in droves.

So next time you find yourself deep in need – and in trouble – rewire your sales mind to be detached. You’ll always know what to do and when to do it when you take your emotions out.

Bill Caskey
Bill Caskey is President of Caskey, a sales training and development company in Indianapolis, and author of Same Game New Rules. He also produces his own podcast at www.Advancedsellingpodcast.com. His observations of selling and life help fuel explosive sales growth for companies. Mr. Caskey can be reached at 317.575.0057 or at www.caskeyone.com

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