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You Are A Salesperson By Pegine Echevarria

If you live by yourself, or on an isolated island without a single living thing, you might say that you don’t sell. However, if you have to communicate with others, convince another person or animal to do anything, or even convince yourself to do something then you, my friend, are a salesperson.

For years I avoided thinking of myself as a salesperson, even when I was in sales. I just didn’t think I fit my imagined profile of a salesperson. I had some negative perceptions of salespeople; pushy, arrogant, self centered, not interested in helping others or making a difference in the lives of others.

It wasn’t until I was married, had children, two cats and a dog that I realized how often I ‘sell’ during the day. Convincing the dog to follow me, calling the cats to eat, being interested in my husband’s day, when all I wanted to do was sleep, so that we can communicate and bond together.

I was also ‘selling’ the power of vegetables to a four year old and engaging an eight year old in homework. At work I was promoting projects, recruiting new people, convincing my boss that my budget needed an upgrade and convincing myself that I was able to manage it all — family, work, marriage and me!!!

How about you?

* Do you use persuasive language trying to influence or persuade others

* How often do you use various communication techniques so others understand what you need or want?

* Do you find yourself wondering how you can get ‘Jane’ to do a task?

Do you want to have more, do more, or receive more? Then the first step is to realize that you are a salesperson. Engineer, doctor, lawyer, administrative assistant, human resource professional, soldier, sailor or student may be your vocation, however you are also a salesperson.

So, if you are a salesperson how do you communicate, persuade and influence others effectively? You need to know what top salespeople have either inherent within them or what they have worked diligently on to master their sense of self.

First, they build their confidence and skills.

Salespeople read, learn from and listen to motivational speakers; they read inspirational material. They know that they have to constantly learn about themselves and develop techniques to build their inner strength. The four core areas that great salespeople focus on developing are:

1. Confidence
2. Persistence
3. Service
4. Communication skills

Second, they practice.

Great salespeople know they will fail and know that they have to fail to become really good at what they do. They are willing to practice throughout the day. They practice their communication skills while looking at themselves in the mirror. They learn how to serve others by practicing how to ask questions to learn their clients’ needs first. They learn to ask themselves questions. They learn how different questions illicit different responses.

Third, they know why they do what they do.

They understand what they are selling, why they are selling it and how it creates value in the lives of others. They are excited about what they are offering, because of what it can do for their clients’.

So, if you are the lead salesperson in your own life, work and family I suggest that you evaluate your sales skills.

# Are you confident and are you building your communication skills?

When you look in the mirror are you really happy that you see yourself? Do you walk into a room filled with joy and a sense of positive expectation? Do you learn how to communicate effectively, or do you just allow things to happen?

# Do you practice?

Do you practice asking questions? How about asking different questions? Instead of asking your teenager “How was school?” ask “what was the funniest thing that happened today?” The next day change the question. Ethel Kennedy asked each of her eleven children a current events question everyday. I laughed when I heard one of her children share that the kids would run for the chair closest to Mrs. Kennedy, because they could share about the front page news. If you were sitting in the last seat you had to know something deep within the newspaper to share with everyone.

# Do you know why you do what you do?

How often have you told someone to just do something, but never really had a reason why? It was just ‘because’. Maybe you want your team to do a report a certain way, do you know why you want it that way? Are you sure that there isn’t another way to do it? Often conflicts occur because we don’t know why we want something done a certain way…we just want it done that way. Why do you do all the things you do? How do they help you be the best you? How do your tasks, your work and your leadership make a positive difference at work, home and in your life? If you can’t answer quickly, take a step back and ponder why you do what you do.

This article is about you. You the salesperson, you the leader, you reaching your potential.


Spend time in the bookstore or library browsing and reading sales books and motivational books

Identify two techniques or actions that you can practice this week.

Practice them. Write what you learned. Go back to the bookstore or library and find two more techniques. Repeat. Buy the book and commit to reading two pages a day.

Most people won’t do this try-it. This is one of the most powerful, life changing actions you can take. Each day I read two pages of a motivation, sales, or personal development book. Each day I learn something and try to implement what I learned.

I can testify that I am different and that I have changed because I took the time to learn and change. My family improved because of this action, my finances changed dramatically and I’m so happy. I want the same for you.
Pegine is a nationally recognized expert on success, leadership, and teambuilding, and has 30 years of experience in the workplace, ranging from corporate America to public service. Visit her site at Pegine.com

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