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Interview about the Page Builder feature in Oprius

What follows is a quick interview I did with Jovan Harmuth, Product Manager at Oprius. In case you’re not familiar with Oprius, it’s a web based Sales and Contact Management Software.

Before I share the interview I do want to mention that I am on their Product Advisory Board (i.e. I and a few others offered input while it was being developed) — so while I’m not directly involved in the company, I do use Oprius myself. Now that I’ve gotten that little disclaimer out of the way here’s the interview where Jovan discusses one of Oprius’ newest features…

Josh: Tell me a little bit about the latest feature you’ve added to Oprius and how it will help people make more sales.

Jovan Harmuth: Anyone who has used Oprius before knows that what it offers is a really simple way to manage your customers and leads. It helps you stay on task as you plan different sales and marketing activities with your contacts. These activities can include Tasks, Appointments, Phone Calls and Emails. Oprius has always been a great tool for working with your leads and customers, but now it can also be used to help you generate new leads.

We have just launched a Web Page Builder and included it in the regular subscription price. This feature allows you to create Lead Capture Pages or Landing Pages that you can use to tell your story, educate people about your products, build your own personal brand and gather contact information from new leads. The best part about this new feature is that it enables people with almost no technical skills to build and maintain their own Web Pages almost as simply as editing a Word document.

When you start building your first Web Page, you don’t start with a blank page; instead, choose from any of our professionally designed templates. From there you can easily add pictures, videos and even a form which visitors to your site can use to send you their contact information so that you can personally follow up with them.

Once a visitor has filled out the form they will be automatically added to your Oprius account. These leads can then begin having prewritten emails sent to them automatically, or follow-ups can be automatically scheduled for you.

To make everything really easy we even added Domain Registration so that your new Web Page can have its very own .com domain name. As with everything in Oprius there is no limit to the number of Lead Capture Pages you create and use.

We have always been really excited about the creative ways that our users have used the tools we’ve provided to build their businesses in ways we never would have thought of. The same has been true of the Lead Capture pages. It has been great to see people creating really professional looking pages and then advertising them in creative places to generate lots of traffic to their Pages and leads for their businesses.

You can learn more about Oprius as well as take a free 30-day trial if you’d like.

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