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The Gaining vs Losing Close By Tom Hopkins

You will encounter clients who are more afraid of not having the benefits of your product than they are excited about having them. It’s important that you learn to recognize the difference early in your presentation.

An example would be if you offer manufacturing equipment that will put the client on the leading edge of the industry and ahead of their next closest competitor. There’s a certain amount of fear about the competition closing in and possibly taking over their position in the market. That fear may be the biggest motivator they have when considering the decision and it’s something you should address.

You may also find this happening in families or with neighbors who always want to “keep up with the Joneses.” If someone tells you their friend, co-worker, relative or neighbor just bought the latest in HD technology and that’s where they gather for social occasions, the person you’re speaking with might just want to be able to offer the same level of expectation at their own gatherings.

Once you discover whether it’s the “gain” or “loss” that’s motivating your potential client, close them accordingly.
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