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Top 10 Reasons Why You Might Consider Sending Out Cards…

Talk about making the case for getting more personal in your sales efforts by using greeting cards, personal notes, and thank you cards…

I received the following sales stats from my friend Jeff Packard. Jeff is currently a trainer with Sendoutcards — he and I met several years ago when he was working with the Tom Hopkins organization. Suffice it to say Jeff knows what it takes to succeed in selling. He literally learned from one of the best sales trainers in the world.

On with the list…

1. Most businesses lose 10-17% of their business every year.

2. 62% of your clients aren’t taking advantage of all of your products or services.

3. 91% of our customers say they would give us a referral.

4. 80% haven’t been encouraged to do so!

5. You lose 10% of your influence for every month that you don’t have contact with your client.

6. A 5% increase in customer loyalty could yield 20-80% to your bottom line.

7. Studies show that an average prospect won’t do business with you until they’ve seen or heard from you or your message at least 7 times.

8. 79% of all trade show leads aren’t followed up.

9. 66% of your business within the next year will come from your sphere of influence.

10. Only 3% of the mail we receive is personal.

And that’s worth thinking about!

* — Yours in selling success, Josh Hinds 🙂