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A Sizzling Sales Secret To Be Hugely Successful By Kim Duke

Many years ago, a favorite client of mine said something to me I have never forgotten.

” Kim – don’t ever stop being yourself. It is the reason we buy from you.”

That was a HUGE compliment coming from a client that other reps had considered difficult, demanding and hard to please. When I took over the account I realized he wasn’t difficult, demanding or hard to please at all. He just wanted someone to be real and listen to what he wanted to achieve.

I was just my normal, high energy, slightly edgy and off the wall self – who also happened to have a ton of ideas for him that he hadn’t thought of. And I was always thinking ahead for him – anticipating his needs.

The Sizzling Secret To Be Hugely Successful…
Do you want to know one of the major traits of someone who is successful in business and in sales? It’s something that most people either ignore as trivial or they just can’t believe it can be done. And for some reason it can be one of the hardest things to do. The secret? Being Yourself.

Being A Copycat Doesn’t Earn You Any Points
You see it everywhere – usually with people new to selling/business and sometimes even from those who have been in the selling world a long time. The new ones copy those they perceive as successful (adopting their style and language) and the old ones copy the Old Boys Club. ie/ high pressure sales, too many calls and e-mails.

However – it doesn’t work. Just as the quote says ” It is better to be a bad original than a good copy”.

So Why Does Being Yourself Attract Clients and Opportunities To You?

* No One Else Has Your Life Experiences. It’s true. There will never be another you. What you have learned in your previous careers, in your personal life – everything you have ever experienced – is all true to you. This is what YOU bring to your customers.

* When You Copy – You Blend In. If customers perceive that they can buy your product or service from anyone – then honey – you have a tough road ahead. If you blend in – customers start focusing on price. Being part of the crowd does not get you ahead.

* Like Attracts Like. I am high energy, upbeat and a fast thinker. It is what made me a national award winner, helped me to sell millions across Canada and also create a successful international business. Guess who I tend to attract as customers and strategic alliances?

You guessed it! I attract other high energy people who are upbeat and fast thinkers. I looooooooove it! However being a copycat will just attract other copycats – not so good.

* You Will Act As A Filter. It’s true. Just as your marketing and branding act as filters for your business – so does your personality and experience. Not everyone is going to get you, like you or want you. Thank goodness for that. Remember – people who want you to turn into a pretzel for them are a pain in the ass and not good for your business.

A Fabulous Proverb To Learn From: ” The path is clear. So why do you throw stones before you? ” – Chinese Proverb

Ask yourself these questions today:
* Am I doing what I really love to do?
* Did I choose this for the right reasons?
* Am I being a copy cat?
* Is my bank account reflecting how customers are seeing me?

I know you’re in there somewhere! So instead of hiding and trying to be something for everyone and losing yourself in the process – be brave. And step up to being yourself.
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