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The Order Blank Close By Tom Hopkins

After you ask the final closing question, you wrap up the sale in one of two ways: with a signature on your paperwork or with an exchange of money.

When your business involves filling out paperwork, an agreement or order form to close a sale, you must be careful to do so smoothly.

Simply make notes of all the details of what has been agreed to, ask reflex questions such as the correct spelling of a name or a billing address.

If they stop you say, “I understand how you feel. I’m only outlining the details of the transaction so we can carefully analyze the best course of action to take.”

Then continue with the paperwork. After you have reviewed it for accuracy, turn it around to the client, hand them a pen and say, “John, with your approval right here, we’ll set up the delivery date you have requested and welcome you to our family of satisfied clients.”
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