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Treat Referred Leads with Care By Tom Hopkins

I’ve seen salespeople develop the attitude that referrals are sure things. They visit with referred leads believing that it’s a “done” transaction. This attitude is wrong… very wrong. It can lead you to take shortcuts when just the opposite is needed.

The referred lead deserves the same attention, the same level of professional service you gave to the client who gave you the lead.

Not doing so is not only unprofessional, but does a disservice to the original client. If you don’t make a good impression, their name gets dragged into the muck with you and you’ll never get another lead from them.

Always treat a referred lead as if it is solid gold… as if the person who gave you the referral was right there present in the room or on the line with you as you speak to their friend or associate.

Proper handling of a referred lead could easily double or triple the value of the original sale by the number of additional referrals you receive once they know how much you care and the level of service you provide.
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