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Shared Selling Resource: A New Sales Community for Women Sales Professionals — Sales Shebang

The other day while doing a little networking on Facebook I re-connected with Author, Speaker and Sales Strategist, Jill Konrath.

So we exchanged an email and after I asked her about any new projects she was working on she shared a new community site she’s started which is geared towards women in the sales profession and said if I knew anyone that it might interest to pass it along — well… me never being one to shy away from the chance to share a worthwhile resource I had a look over the site and it didn’t take long to figure out that I’d be sharing it with everyone here 🙂

And before you think this is one of those you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours promotions… keep on reading…

This is actually something to consider that might lead into helping one master their sales career. That is, doing the unexpected — or otherwise known as practicing little random acts of kindness. Allow me to explain. You see, when Jill told me about the site she had no idea that I’d be doing this post where I’m sharing the resource with everyone here at SalesTrainingAdvice.com — she didn’t even ask me to do it. Actually, she was just sharing it with me and I suspect at best figured I might tell a few folks here and there.

However, after I had a quick look at the site, and of course knowing the high caliber of sales training knowledge that Jill’s known for I realized this was a resource that needed to be shared. So I naturally figured what better way to practice a little “random act of kindness” than to share her site here. The point I want to make is that similar opportunities crop up all the time in all of our lives. We need only act on them and in turn see where they lead.

One of the things that I’m big on in the speaking and training that I do on effective networking is the idea of looking for ways to create value in the eyes of the other person. One of the best ways I’ve found to do that is to look for — and more importantly, act on the opportunities that appear where I can do something unexpected for others.

The key thing to remember is that you’re doing things not because you expect anything in return directly however. Years ago I coined a quote that says, “Life’s like a boom-a-rang. The more good you throw out, the more you receive in return” — I believe that’s as true now as it was when I first wrote it.

So without further ado, it’s my pleasure to share with you… drum roll please…

Sales Shebang

By the way I’ve included some of the highlights (taken from the site) to shed a little more light on what you can expect when you visit.

Sales Shebang conferences offer sellers an opportunity to expand their expertise, gain invaluable insights, grow their network, and be inspired by and connected to like-minded women.

Learning Events
To provide ongoing growth opportunities, Sales Shebang offers a variety of learning events such as teleclasses, webinars and workshops featuring top sales experts.

Online Community
Sales Shebang’s online community enables members to get answers to their questions, network, explore strategic relationships, and communicate on a range of topics.

And so that us guys don’t feel left out I noticed the following statement on the site as well…

* Men are welcome to be a part of the Sales Shebang conferences and community.

So now that you’ve got a sneak peak as to what you can expect, head on over to Sales Shebang — oh, and one favor. Let Jill and the folks over there know that I turned you onto them — I’d greatly appreciate it.

Yours in Successful Selling,
Josh Hinds 🙂