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Sales Contacts Via Email – By Tom Hopkins

Using email for prospecting and selling is one of the most powerful online tools a professional salesperson can have.

Unlike the passive strategy of a web site where you have to wait until someone visits your site before you can present to them, email is an active selling tool. You can compose a selling message any time and send it out to a database of prospects or your list of clients.

But don’t think you can send just any email message out to whomever you please. There are rules to this kind of contact and communication. And if you break them, you can seriously harm your credibility and reputation.

One thing you don’t want to be accused of is spamming your recipients. That means using only opt-in email lists — or permission marketing — which has a set of ‘best practices’ that should be followed.

What you do is get your client’s and prospect’s permission to send emails before your message shows up in the email box.

Remember that building trust with your customer is job one for the professional salesperson. And your customer is your most precious resource.
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