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The Puppy Dog Close By Tom Hopkins

Can you provide potential clients with strong demos or 30-day trials of your product or service? If so, you need to master the Puppy Dog Close. It’s patterned after a method used for years by people selling pets, especially puppies.

You let uncertain potential owners take the puppy home for a couple of days to see how it goes. By the second or third day everyone is in love with the puppy. They’ve named it. They’ve snuggled it. They’ve bought it toys, feeding bowls and food. In other words, it has become a part of the family. It’s impossible to think of returning it.

This strategy is awesome for closing sales to businesses especially goods and services used by multiple people in a business. If members of a businesses’ team get excited about a new copier, software or other product that is puppy dogged into the company, it’s hard for the business owner or decision-maker to take it away from them by not going ahead with ownership. In fact, it would be demoralizing. No business can afford to have demoralized employees so a very high percentage of “use it before you own it” sales close.

Figure out a way to have your potential clients get deeply involved with your product or service and you’ll watch your closing ratio soar!
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