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The Ben Franklin Balance Sheet Close By Tom Hopkins

If your prospective clients are truly challenged by making a decision to own your product or service, gently offer to help them learn how to use the Ben Franklin Balance sheet as a decision-making tool. This may be one of the oldest strategies in the book of selling, but it does work effectively when presented well.

Phraseology: “John, Mary, history has proven that most great decision-makers believed that a good decision was only as good as the facts. The last thing I would want to do is to influence you to make an unwise decision. However, if it proves to be a good decision, you would want to make it, wouldn’t you? (Pause for their reply. It will most likely be affirmative.)

Fine. Do you mind if I help you? Let’s draw a line down the middle of this paper. On the left side, we’ll list the facts favoring the right decision today. Then, on the right, you can list the reasons against the decision. When we are through, we will count up the columns and at that point make the right decision. Let’s see…”

(Give them at least six reasons to go ahead with the product or service. Don’t help them on the other side! They rarely come up with more than two or three reasons.)

“Okay, let’s add up the columns and see what we’ve got. By the way, this decision-making technique was used by one of our country’s most famous men, Benjamin Franklin, and we’ve all considered him one of our wisest men, haven’t we?”

Use the strategy yourself to make wise business, personal and buying decisions. Once you’ve done it a few times, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you make better decisions.
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