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Sales Advice – How to Sell Your Services Better

Rich at Business Opportunities weblog has an interesting article entitled, ‘How to Sell Your Services Better‘.

He shares some interesting ideas for getting around the fact that services in and of themselves are intangible — that is they can’t always be touched or seen — and as a result often demonstrated easily. Yet as he points out — that’s exactly what a person must do in order to make it easier for their prospects to make the buying decision.

I’ve included a few of the ideas shared in the article — along with some thoughts of my own.

1. Turn your service into a product.
By utilizing this method, create tip sheets, templates, worksheets and supporting educational pieces that share your expertise.

My Thoughts: Good ideas, think whitepapers, ebooks, or even printed booklets (nothing fancy — even the kind with the spiral binder could work well).

3. Combine your services and create a new offering. Start by listening to what your customers are asking for and paying closer attention to their buying patterns.

My thoughts: Listening 101 here — but isn’t it amazing how many of us prefer to hear what we most want to hear… as opposed to listening to what our customers are telling us? And being open to new opportunities that would otherwise open themselves up for us.

note: you can read the full article on ‘How to Sell Your Services Better’ here if you’d like.

–To your selling success, Josh Hinds