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Customer Service Secrets to Consider from Home Depot

Customer service — particularly good customer service is a skill that anyone with the desire to become a stand out sales professional would do well to study. The folks at Brainbasedbusiness.com have an interesting article called, 10 Customer Service Secrets from Home Depot that has some good ideas to consider.

Here are couple of points that stood out in my mind, as well as a few comments of my own.

1. Wait until a shopper indicates a desire for your help … then jump at that chance.

my thoughts: Perhaps in this case, I might greet the person with a smile and mention that if there’s anything I could help them with I’d be happy to do so. Allowing them the opportunity to say no thanks, but at the same time letting them know I’ve acknowledged them and am willing to help if they need me.

2. Put down what you’re doing for a store … to do what you can for any customer….

my thoughts: Such a simple idea, one has to wonder why this isn’t the norm in all stores 🙂

3. Ask good questions …. Show you are interested more in what shoppers are looking for … than in what you think you can sell them….

my thoughts: Solid advice. Through asking questions you might actually find that you can offer a better solution than the one the customer initially thought they were looking for. This positions you as an expert — someone they will look to the next time they have a need for what you might offer.

Once again, there are other ideas shared in the article I mentioned. You can read it in it’s entirety here.