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The Sharp Angle Close By Tom Hopkins

The Sharp Angle Close is used when you hear a challenge from a potential client. It’s almost as if they throw down the gauntlet to see if you really can deliver. In fact, it is often used in reference to delivery dates.

Here’s how it goes:

Client: “If we go with your product, we’d have to take delivery by May 3. Can you handle that?”

Sales Champion: “If I could guarantee delivery by May 3, are you prepared to approve the paperwork today?”

All you’re doing is using the porcupine technique of answering a question with a question. When they reply to your Sharp Angle Close with a positive response, they will own your product or service.

If they reply with a negative response, you know they’re either not serious or there’s another concern. Find out just what that concern is by asking them to elaborate — why wouldn’t they own your product if you can meet his or her delivery needs?
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