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Savvy Selling By Kim Jones

Give them something to talk about.

Clients are always asking me to help them with their branding. They want to know how they can “build their brand’, “create a unique brand identity” and “develop a killer brand”. I like to push back and ask them to define “brand”. If I ask 20 people that question I will get 20 unique answers.

According to Sergio Zyman, former head of marketing for The Coca-Cola Company, “…the whole reason to create a brand is to get consumers to identify a number of desirable qualities and traits with your specific product.”

For example, if you were a pushcart vendor selling fruits and vegetables, you could take your pushcart out and go to a different corner every morning and start hawking your wares to a new audience every day. This would expose you to a lot more people than if you stood at the corner of Pine Street and Bell Avenue everyday. You would soon realize, however, that this was a pretty inefficient way to operate, because every day you would have to attract the attention of people who had never seen you before and convince them to try your fruits and vegetables. You wouldn’t have built up any loyalty or residual goodwill. Every day you would be entering a new market. Rather than growing your business incrementally, by selling more to established customers, you would be growing it horizontally. And your costs to operate in this manner would be very high.

Why is this important? Because it is much more efficient to spend your limited marketing dollars reminding people why they like your stuff and giving them more reasons to buy than it is to go out every day and try to convince new customers to try your goods or services. If you want people to buy your product everyday, you have to market everyday and if you want them to buy more you have to give them more reasons to buy. With limited marketing dollars it is much more efficient to build stronger relationships with customers than it is to continually spend on the search for new customers.

Those customers that know you and love you will tell their friends about you and they will become your most effective marketing tool. So, as you consider your “brand” consider the message that you want your most loyal customers to tell their friends. Why is your product different, better or more special than your competitors? If you can’t answer that question neither can your best customers. And your best marketing dollars are spent giving them something to talk about.
With over 15 years of corporate sales and marketing experience, Kim Jones has been training sales and non-sales professionals on ways to “Stop Selling & Make More Money”. She can be reached at kim@burg.com or 800-939-1939 ext 703.