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Interview with Debbie Allen — advice on selling

I’m pleased to bring you the following interview with Debbie Allen — she has been in sales for more than 30 years. For the past 12 years she has shared her sales and marketing expertise as an international business speaker.

Q. Hi Debbie, it’s an honor to be able to able to spend some time picking your brain. I know that it will be highly rewarding for everyone that reads this.

You’ve got an interesting story, which I see includes your having built and sold six companies — all at a profit I might add. Can you share your background with us, as well as what led you to where you are now?

A. I Started out in a family business at age 19 and bought into the company – it was a car rental and mini storage business. I sold my shares 14 years later with tons of experience and purchased a small retail store that had lost money for 6 years – everyone told me I was crazy. Well I was because I had no retail experience what so ever but soon learned that I had a passion for it and that passion lead me to find mentors with 15-30 years retail experience behind them. This small group of retailers met once a month and shared success secrets. With their help and my sponge for knowledge I grew that small retail store to multiple locations and multi-million dollar and highly profitable company in just 3 years.

I sold them for full price cash offer without a broker – moved to AZ and opened another retail store – kept that for 9 years and sold after building my speaking business that I first niche into the retail industry – I now do more general keynotes to many diverse groups around the world and have presented in 10 countries and have authored 5 books on business success 2 of them now by major publishers.

Q. What did you do to build your sales that you don’t see enough others doing?

A. Self promote and use no cost, low-cost marketing strategies – that’s why I wrote the book on it. Most people throw away too much $$$ on ineffective marketing. I can not only help them dramatically improve the effectiveness of their marketing but also teach them how to market effectively with nothing but a business card and some charisma.

Q. What can you suggest to a person that’s just getting into selling (or at least officially anyway — since I believe we’re all in sales — even if we don’t fully realize it). That is what are some specific things that a person who is starting at the ground floor do to get the quickest jump possible to become successful in sales.

A. Work on their mindset – my book Skyrocketing Sales motivates people to work on their beliefs and sub conscious mind before ever teaching them sales strategies – most people need to get out of their own head to move forward.

Q. What are some things you’ve found effective in your life to keep yourself motivated and moving forward in selling?

A. Always setting goals that are obtainable and more goals that stretch you and even scare me – we all must be doing something to stretch us outside of our comfort zone on a regular basis.

“Believing in YOU and selling yourself effectively is KEY to sales success!” – Debbie Allen

Q. What advice can you share with sales managers that will help them to motivate and develop the best in their sales people?

A. Be a great leader that is not so strong that you intimidate people – also understand that you must earn respect – you can never demand it – listen to your team – be there for them and become part of the team too – support and motivate them with recognition for even the smallest successes – make them feel special – most sales people will stay on a job even making less money when they know that they are appreciated and respected.

Q. Are there any mistakes that you see sales managers making that they could correct?

A. Thinking they are different and above the sales team – forgetting the are still on the team – letting their ego get in the way of making personal connections.

Q. Calling on prospects isn’t something that comes easy to a lot of people, especially when they’re calling outside of their warm market (people they know) — what are some ideas you can share to effectively overcome call reluctance?

A. Do become a pest – get to become a guest – when people seek you out and welcome what you have to offer there will be an endless supply of leads – figure out ways to get people to come to you instead of having to chase down people with cold calling.

** You can Visit Debbie Allen at www.SalesandMarketingSuccess.com

I hope you’ve enjoyed the interview… To your selling success, Josh Hinds 🙂