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6 Steps to Easily Achieve Your Sales Goals – Debbie Allen

Step #1: Be persistent.
Persistence and goal setting play a big role in achieving sales success. But before you focus on your goals, determine what your purpose is first. Salespeople need to be clear about the purpose of achieving goals.

Your purpose is what you feel compelled to do or to accomplish, and it’s what keeps you on course. It’s what gives meaning and direction to your career. So the first step is not to come up with a string of goals, it is to clarify your purpose and then get more specific. Your goals need to be consistent with that purpose. Otherwise, you’re not going to have the passion and enthusiasm you need to go out and exceed the goals you set for yourself.

Step #2: Ensure victory with simple and short-term goals first.
Always have some goals that are easy to reach. Simple goals and short-term goals will motivate you as you achieve them, and they will keep you headed toward your larger goals.

Step #3: Share your goals with affirmations.
Speaking your goals out loud in the form of affirmations will not only help to feed your own subconscious mind, it also will allow others to support your efforts too. You are more likely to achieve your goals if your friends, business associates, and family know about them. Only share your goals with people who will encourage your growth and success, and be sure to avoid negative forces.

It always amazes me how many goals I achieve by sharing them with others. My friends, family, business associates, and even my audience attendees help me stay on track and keep me moving toward my goals with continuous positive encouragement.

If you have a tendency to disappoint yourself before disappointing others, you may not feel comfortable sharing your goals. Yet, most people who don’t share their goals often don’t really believe that they can accomplish them. Any negative self-doubt will feed your beliefs and sabotage the results of your goals. To avoid this, start by sharing short-term goals first, then move on to more long-term or riskier goals as you feel more confident with your sales success.

Step #4: Prioritize-yet be flexible.
It is best to decide which goals are most important for you to achieve. Date your goals accordingly in the areas that will reap you the largest return on your investment of time and effort. Ask yourself if a task is moving you toward your goals faster or holding you back from skyrocketing your sales potential.

Be open and flexible to changes around you. Due to unforeseen circumstances, you may need to adjust the due date of your goal or reevaluate and cancel it altogether. Often, the goals that receive the most attention are most likely the ones that will change frequently too.

Understand why you want to achieve and exceed your goals. Why will exceeding your goals make your life better than it is right now? Clarify the root of why you want to exceed your goals. Is it to earn respect from others or to create a better lifestyle for your family? Will your goal have a profound impact on your life or on others? Will exceeding your goals help you win the sales awards you’ve always dreamed of winning?

Step #5: Don’t let your ego get in the way of setting big goals.
Don’t ever allow your ego to stand in the way of seeking new ideas and advice that can help you exceed your goals. The ego can often drive us to keep doing the same unproductive things, and unreasonably keeps us hoping for different, productive results.

The ego very often gets in the way of one professional asking for the advice of peers or colleagues. Don’t let your ego get in the way of asking for help and support. You can’t do it on your own. You need the support, secrets, and strategies of someone who’s been there and done that before you.

Step #6: Don’t give up.
You will get discouraged from time to time, and may even start to doubt yourself. That is just human nature. You also will get busy and sidetracked, and may have a tendency to procrastinate. But don’t stop! Keep moving toward your goals-one step at a time.

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Debbie Allen has been in sales for more than 30 years. She now shares her sales expertise as an international business speaker and has presented in nine countries around the world. She is an author of five books including her newest book Skyrocketing Sales. Learn more about her books and expertise at SalesandMarketingSuccess.com.

Josh’s Thoughts:

I really liked the point Debbie made above:

“Understand why you want to achieve and exceed your goals. Why will exceeding your goals make your life better than it is right now? Clarify the root of why you want to exceed your goals.”

Often we look at a goal simply as a task that’s supposed to be checked off. We manage to get it done, but don’t really give it the extra thought necessary to create a burning desire that will help us to work (even when giving up on it would be easier) towards it’s accomplishment. When you really take the time to identify all the reasons “why” you want to achieve a particular goal you’ll give yourself, and your subconscious mind the necessary green light to go for it with added ghusto!

Think of it this way, your why — is a powerful reminder of all the benefits that will go along with having reached your intended goal.

Say for example, you set a goal to close a particular sale, or take on a new client. Your “why” might be that in making the sale you’ll have the extra money to take your wife and kids on a nicer vacation than you would if you didn’t make the sale. So again, make sure you attach a why (as in why you really want to achieve it) — when setting your goals.

— To your selling success, Josh Hinds