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The It Isn’t in the budget Close By Tom Hopkins

You’ll often come across people who use their budget as a way to keep from committing to a purchase. Use this close to remind them of the true purpose of a budget and who’s actually in control.

I understand your need to stick to your budget, John. In fact, that’s why I contacted you in the first place. I’m fully aware of the fact that every well-managed business controls the flow of its money with a carefully planned budget. The budget is a necessary tool for every company to give direction to its goal. However, the tool itself doesn’t dictate how the company is run.

The budget must be flexible. You, as the controller of that budget, retain for yourself the right to flex it in the best interest of the company’s financial present and competitive future, don’t you? What we have been examining here today is a system which will allow your company an immediate and continuing competitive edge. Tell me, under these conditions, will your budget flex or will it dictate your actions?

This script can be tweaked for a personal sale, too, if your clients are using their household budget as a stall. What they’re really saying is that they don’t see enough value to take money from something else they have budgeted for and use it for your product or service.
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